Automatic video playback is definitely one of the most annoying things that can happen while surfing the internet. Reason? The sound comes suddenly (maybe at a time not appropriate), the playback of movies can consume a lot of precious energy of portable devices and, finally, if you are using the data consumption of a tariff plan you lose precious MB of traffic.

If in the past we have already explained how to disable automatic playback in Instagram and twitter, this time it is the turn of Microsoft Edge.

How to disable video autoplay in Microsoft Edge

Just jump on the chair! Here’s how to stop automatic playback on Edge

There are two ways to disable videos from autoplay in Edge. The first method allows you to block autoplay media globally, which means once you activate this option, no website will be able to play movies automatically. By adopting this option, you will have to manually click on the video to start watching any video. The second method gives you more control by allowing you to block autoplay videos only for some specific sites.

Before proceeding, make sure you install the update October 2018 of Windows 10. If you are not sure you have updated your system, you can check by pressing Win+ R  and typing winver and then press Enter. You should see the written version 1809 (or higher) to be sure you can proceed with the procedure.

Fully block automatic video playback

To block the automatic playback of all the videos it is necessary to:

Open the Edge browser, click on the menu icon (the three horizontal points)

  • select Settings
  • go to the Advanced tab
  • here select Limit or Lock in the Auto play section to lock the videos of auto play.

Which of the two options to choose? With Limit Edge, it blocks automatic playback even if, at the click of a mouse on any point of the opened page, it is started. In contrast, the Lock option, completely eliminates the automatic playback: if you want to watch a video, you will then need to click the appropriate start button.

From now on, no video in Edge will play automatically. If you want to go back, just go back to the Autoplay tab and reactivate the autoplay.

Block autoplay only on some sites

To block automatic video playback on a specific website, open the Edge browser and navigate to the site in question. Once this is done:

  • click on the padlock or globe icon that appears just before the site address in the address bar
  • click on Auto Media Playback Settings in the Automatic Media Playback section
  • select Limit or Block

The options are completely identical to those of the first procedure, but will only affect the individual site in question.

Alternatively, if you want to allow multiple sites to automatically play videos, it is best to use the Edge settings panel. To do this:

  • click on the Menu icon and select the Settings option
  • Go to the Advanced tab and click on the Manage permissions button in the Permissions section of the website (here you will find all the websites you have blocked from the autoplay videos).
  • Click the x icon next to the site to remove it from the block list and allow support for automatic playback.


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