Windows 10 Disable or Block Updates

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Today, in particular, we will see how to permanently block automatic updates of Windows 10. 

As we know, updates to Windows 10 are important as they increase system security, make it more efficient, powerful and introduce new features. Too bad that the updates of Windows 10 take a long time, block the PC for hours and consume a lot of internet traffic.

Here, analyzing the pros and cons of Windows 10 updates, I understand that you want to block them. 

Of course, having a PC always updated to the latest version of Windows is important, but for those who use the PC for work is more important that the computer can be used constantly, without having to leave it necessarily for hours and hours waiting for an infinite update of Windows 10. 

So if you too are tired of all the problems related to Windows 10 updates, which often introduce problems at the software/driver level, in this article I’ll explain how to block them and disable them in a few simple clicks. 

Obviously the operation is reversible, so when you want to restore system updates you can always reactivate them in one click. 

Now have a look at the guide that explains how to lock and disable Windows 10 updates. 

How to block Windows 10 updates with StopUpdates10

To achieve our goal we will use the StopUpdates10 program. This is a completely free, lightweight and easy to use program that will allow you to say goodbye to automatic updates of Windows 10 in a few clicks. 

To date I think it’s the best solution to block Windows 10 updates, at least until Microsoft introduces an instrument already integrated into Windows 10 to meet our needs.

But let’s see how to best use StopUpdates10.

Disable Windows Update Windows 10

As anticipated, using this program is really simple and affordable for everyone:

  • download the tool
  • install it on your PC
  • start it
  • once started, click on the big orange button that says Stop Windows Updates
  • done: Windows 10 automatic updates are now blocked

Note that, in addition to blocking the automatic updates of Windows 10, this program frees up RAM and system resources, since it automatically closes all those Windows tasks that continuously check for updates.

Double advantage!

Specifically, just for information, StopUpdates10 acts in 3 modes:

  • changes some values in the system registry to inhibit the search for Windows 10 updates
  • blocks the Windows Update Service, which usually consumes RAM and system memory and starts automatically when you turn on the PC
  • blocks various processes that monitor Windows 10 update, such as “EOSNOTIFY.EXE”, “UsoClient.exe”, “MusNotification.exe”, “UpdateAssistant.exe”, “WINDOWS10UPGRADERAPP.EXE”, “remsh.exe”, “DismHost.exe”, “SIHClient.exe”, “InstallAgent.exe”, “Windows10Upgrade.exe”, “WaaSMedic.exe” and more

Restore and reactivate Windows 10 updates

As anticipated, the whole procedure is reversible: if you change your mind and want to upgrade Windows 10, you do not have to do anything else:

  • start the StopUpdates10 program
  • click on the Restore Windows Updates button
  • automatically the system will begin to look for updates and install them as it has always done (with all the delays and the endless wait that involves).

Easy, right? In a few steps you have reactivated Windows Update on Windows 10.


What can we add yet? I think nothing.

StopUpdates10 is the best program to block and disable automatic updates of Windows 10 in an easy, fast and free way. It’s a tool for everyone, which finally allows you to use Windows 10 without having to stay still for hours and hours to wait for the system to download all system updates.

As I anticipated, I would really like Microsoft to introduce a function of this type directly into Windows 10, but, until this happens, StopUpdates10 is the best solution available.

Download StopUpdates10

Click HERE to download StopUpdates10 for free.

Let me know what you think of this amazing program for Windows. 


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