Download free applications for macOS. Here are the best sites to download them

If you are a MAC user and are looking for a way to download and install programs without paying anything here is that today we recommend two websites containing thousands of applications for payment for macOS without paying a penny.

There are many sources from which to draw on the internet but two, in particular, have caught my attention. If you want to download free macOS apps you have to visit insMAC and MAC Torrents which are two websites containing only the latest and most popular macOS apps.

Both of the following sites have hundreds of applications for macOS available for free download but differ in some respects.



In fact in is based on the download of applications on classic file hosting systems while, as you can easily make available torrent files with free applications for macOS.

Both are super updated and perhaps the one where the Torrents are available is more stuff and you can easily download with a Torrent client, while the insMAC defect is that you have to wait for the terrible countdown to start the download and insert captcha codes and more.

If you know other sources, write it in the comments and we will add it to the article.


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