In today’s guide, we will see a great demand to download photos from Facebook on iOS by following a simple and quick procedure suitable for everyone.

Now any social network exists is considered a huge pool of content, with lots of beautiful shots and many videos to watch all the way to the end. And often they are also a collector to all effects of various memories for each person, who put aside their old shots, past experiences and so on and so forth. Below we will now explain how to download photos from Facebook on an iOS device.

Fortunately, like anything else inherent in the technological world the method to download photos from Facebook on iOS exists. Let’s begin.

How to download photos from Facebook mobile on iOS using the browser

It is possible to download photos from Facebook mobile also relying on iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone. All you have to do is turn your attention on the site to this address and look for the photo you are going to save. Much depends on the browser you use as Chrome or Safari.

Below the shot and its caption, scrolling down, you will notice the presence of some options. You will now have to tap on the show image in a new tab so that the Internet browser you choose opens the photo in a new tab, from which you can then download the image very easily.

Once the photo is opened in front of you in fact, you will not have to do anything but hold for a few seconds with your finger on the image until a menu will appear. There remains at this point that tap on Save Image and the photo will be immediately downloaded and saved in the Photo gallery of iOS.

How to download photos from Facebook on iOS with the official app

If you love using an iOS device such as an iPad, iPod or iPhone then we will explain how to download photos from Facebook by relying on the official application, available free from the App Store at this address.

Unlike the first method that we have proposed above, downloading one or more images on iOS is very simple and it will only take a few minutes. First of all, go to the application and look for the photo you are going to download. It does not matter if the image is in your profile or in that of a friend or relative. Once tapped on the image will open and you will notice that all around there are several commands, someone you already know as the traditional Like, Comment and Share. What you have to aim for is the dot-shaped button (…) which remains exactly at the top right, which will allow you to open a menu.

From the menu that will open, all you have to do is plug in Save photo to save the shot in your gallery immediately.

The tutorial is finished. As usual if you have doubts or problems with downloading photos from Facebook, do not hesitate to let us know below where there is a comment box so you can help as soon as possible.


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