Where to download iOS 12 .1 IPSW? Here is direct download link to immediately download iOS 12.1 firmware in IPSW format. Download iOS 12.1 for iPhone and iPad right away

Instantly download iOS 12.1 in IPSW format (manual installation)

iOS 12.1 IPSW firmware download direct links

A few hours ago Apple released the new iOS 12.1 operating system for iPhone and iPad. 

The update can be downloaded and installed for free by everyone going to:

Settings> General> Software Update

However, if for any reason you need the installation file in IPSW format of iOS 12.1, below we provide you with updated and working links. 

There are three main innovations introduced.

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The first is a healthy injection of new emojis, a group of 70 faces, expressions and objects that are added to the tens already used within iOS.

The second is support for FaceTime calls with up to 32 participants.

The third is the unlocking of the second SIM for all the latest iPhone with eSim technology (as long as the operator allows it to do so).

The fans of self-portraits can also finally shoot all the poses they want without the fear of seeming victims of particularly aggressive filters: on iOS 12.1 is in fact corrected a particularly criticized bug, which made the faces of the subjects framed by the front camera too smooth, until point that does not seem realistic.

That said, let’s not waste time and let’s go immediately to download the iOS 12.1 firmware for all compatible iPhones and iPads. 

Download iOS 12.1 IPSW firmware


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