Download Microsoft Office 2016 free for Windows PC. How to download, install and activate Office 2016 for free

Many users ask me daily how to download Office 2016 free for the computer and for Windows PC. Today I explain to everyone the easiest and fastest way. In a single article you will find direct download links to download all versions of Office 2016 without having to rely on illegal sites or torrent files that often do not work or do not match the program you were looking for.

Download Office 2016 free for PC: is it possible? As?

More and more often I receive emails or messages where I’m asked how to download Office 2016 free for Windows. 

As you probably know, Office 2016 is a program that is regularly paid and purchased and is NOT available for free. Some computers are sold with an Office 2016 license already included in the price, but this does not mean that Microsoft’s software is free, simply has been included in the price of the computer or given thanks to a promotion.

Without going too far, Office 2016 should be paid and bought regularly if you want to get it by following the rules (and the law!). The pirates of the web, however, are able to download this program for free (but illegally), but we’ll talk about this later.

Now, in fact, I want to explain how to download LEGALLY and FREE Office 2016 for your Windows PC, directly from Microsoft’s servers. 

If you already have a regular Office 2016 license at home and you simply want to download the image file of the program, maybe to use it in case of need or because you have formatted the computer and you do not know how to install Office 2016, you need to know that Microsoft allows users to download the installation files for this software for free. 

Anyone with a regular license to activate Office 2016, therefore, thanks to this service offered by Microsoft can download the installation files of the program and use them on your PC in a few simple steps. Too bad that nobody knows where to download Office 2016 for free. 

If you’re looking for a way to download Office 2016 installation files for your Windows PC, you’re in the right place. In fact, in fact, I will provide you the official Microsoft download links to download for free Office 2016. In a few simple steps you can download the version of Office you need and install it on your computer.

As already mentioned, however, these versions must be activated: without a regular license you will not be able to use them. If you need a license to activate Office 2016, you must purchase it on the Microsoft website. Alternatively, read this article to the end to find out how to activate free Office 2016 (and also Windows, all versions). 

Now I leave you the download link for Office 2016. As you can see, you can also download the individual Office software packages: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others, in order to download and install only the single packages you need, saving space on your hard disk without having to install software that you will never use.

Here are the links to download Office 2016 for free:

Complete Office 2016 suites

Individual Office 2016 programs

All these links will allow you to download Office 2016 for free for Windows PC.

As you can see, the file format is IMG and not ISO.

How to open IMG on Windows PC?

Do not worry, opening and managing IMG files on Windows is easier than expected.

Alternative 1

As a first alternative I suggest you download a specific and free program like Daemon Tools Lite, which allows you to open and manage this type of file easily. Here is the download link to download the app.

DOWNLOAD | Daemon Tools Lite

Alternative 2

If you do not want to know or install a new program, you have another quick and easy solution. You can simply burn IMG files to DVD using one of the many free programs available for Windows PCs, such as:

  • CD Burner XP (free)
  • Ashampoo Burning Studio Free (free)
  • Infra Recorder (free, open source)
  • ImgBurn (free)
  • BurnAware (free license available)

As you can see, the solutions to transform the IMG file just downloaded into a manageable file format are not lacking. Choose the most appropriate for your needs and install Office 2016 on your Windows PC. 

Activate Office 2016 on PC: how to do it?

As I told you in the opening article, this version of Office 2016 is not active by default and must be activated manually. 

If you already have a regular Office 2016 license, simply enter the data when the program asks you.

If you do not have a regular Office 2016 license, read the instructions below to activate your copy.

NOTICE: downloading, sharing and modifying material protected by copyright is a criminal and civilly criminal offense. Be well aware of the actions proposed in the following guide, knowing that you will respond personally before the law. Teknologya assumes no responsibility for the improper use of the proposed tools and sites.

Activate Office 2016 for free: how to do it?

If you need to Activate Office 2016 (or even Windows, any version), you must know that there is a small program, completely free, which allows you to make genuine any version of Office and Windows in a few clicks.

If you want to deepen the subject, read this our article, you will find useful information:

I would say that now it’s really all. Download the IMG files of all versions of Office on the fly to have them always on hand in case of need!

In case of doubts, questions or problems leave a comment to the article, I will help you as soon as possible.


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