A sensational novelty is coming for owners of Apple devices with Face ID: the world’s most powerful facial recognition technology that allows you to unlock an iPhone in no time at all in just a few moments simply by pointing the screen at the face of the user who registered the face. From now on, thanks to iOS 12 it will be possible to set two faces for facial recognition!

It is the first beta of iOS 12 to confirm this new feature so long awaited by many owners of iPhone X and will be appreciated by those who buy the new models that will include the sensor Face ID: iOS will allow you to record two faces to allow two people different to unlock the iPhone simply by pointing the screen towards the face.

iOS 12 allows you to record two faces on Face ID

If you are a developer registered to a paid Developer program you can already try this news, the other users will have to wait for the release date of iOS 12 in order to register multiple faces on Face ID.

In fact, in the settings of the operating system and in particular in the Face ID and code section you can find the “Set Up an Alternate Appearance” option and allow you to configure the iPhone to make another face, beyond your own, can unlock the device using facial recognition.

At the moment the only way to unlock an iPhone X with Face ID in addition to facial recognition is the inclusion of the unlock code because the device is not equipped with Touch ID: in the next devices the face recognition sensor will undoubtedly be optimized and able to recognize a face even in critical conditions but the ability to add and record multiple faces simultaneously on Face ID is a practical and fast way to unlock the device simply by putting the iPhone in front of our eyes.


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