After Instagram, even Facebook integrates music in Stories, but the most popular social network in the world promises many other news coming in the coming weeks.
Facebook: how to add music in stories

Facebook introduces a new function dedicated to music: from the ability to integrate songs in the stories, as already happens on Instagram, to new features to customize your profile.

Facebook chases the young people who, according to recent research, are gradually abandoning the social in favor of Instagram: a slow erosion that the new functionality could contain.

Zuckerberg, which we remember has also in its stable Instagram, focuses on music to make Facebook more appealing to young people, offering soon several new options such as Lip Sync Live.

Facebook Stories: how to add music

The new Facebook feature for stories is already available for both iOS and Android. To add music to your story you will not have to do anything different than Instagram:

  1. open the application and click on the top right of the button dedicated to the camera;
  2. take a picture or record a short video (alternatively you can choose to share a photo or video from your gallery);
  3. click the icon dedicated to the stickers, top right is the first of the three offers;
  4. here in addition to the usual options (geolocation, time, weather, survey…) you will also find the new music function;
  5. choose your song, through the appropriate search bar or by genre, and click on the add button;
  6. the song will appear directly on your content with a small player indicating Album, artist, title, and a regulator for the duration.
  7. Facebook: Lip Sync and much more

But Facebook is not limited to stories, and promises great news for your profile.

Lip Sync Live has also been announced: a sort of karaoke function, which will allow you to record videos in Lip Sync with the rest of the songs you choose, while running in the background, allowing them to be shared via Facebook stories or directly as a post on your profile.

But there’s more, Facebook intends to allow users to add a header to their profile, through a real music section where you can select a track to be set at the top of the diary.

Every time someone visits your profile, the chosen track will be there to welcome the user (who can choose to play the song or not). The two new features are in beta testing and Facebook promises their debut for everyone in the coming weeks.


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