On Facebook and Instagram, with the latest update, new tools have been added to better manage the time spent on apps. Here’s where to find them and how to use them.

Facebook and Instagram are updated with new tools to manage the time spent on the app.

The development team has announced on the official blog that it is now possible to use your activity on Instagram and your time on Facebook to access a control panel of activities, a daily reminder that warns users if they spend too many hours on social networks and new ways to limit notifications.

These tools follow the footsteps of what route the output functions on upcoming Apple and Google operating systems: Screen Time on iOS 12 and the two Timer App and Dashboard on Android P. 
They are currently undergoing rollout and will be available for everyone in the coming days on both social networks.

Here’s how to better manage the time spent on Facebook and Instagram with the use of new tools.

How to use Your time on Facebook

To access the new function, go to Settings and tap the Your time on Facebook option.

At the top a dashboard will appear with a weekly summary of the activity on the social media, average time and daily time spent. At the bottom are instead available the two options to set a daily reminder or manage your notifications: with the first you can decide a time limit to spend on the platform over which the app will send a reminder, while the second will mute the notifications, which will remain visible anyway.

Manage time on Facebook Android

How to use Your activity on Instagram

The features on Instagram are the same and can be accessed by opening the Settings and choosing the item Your Activity.

The panel at the top will be present with a weekly summary of the time spent online and the tools below to mute the notifications for a certain period of time and send a reminder to reach the daily limit chosen for the use of the social network.

<Manage time on Facebook iPhone

Other tools

The blog statement reads that these updates follow the wake of what has been done so far to help people to have more control over their experience on the two social networks. On Facebook the news feed has been improved with features like Hide and View first.

On Instagram, the introduction of the feature that warns users when they have seen all the contents of the last two days is rather recent.

“It’s not just about the time people spend on Facebook or Instagram but how they use that time,” write Ameet Ranadive and David Ginsberg, the Product Management Director of Instagram and the Director of Facebook Search. “It is our responsibility to speak openly about the impact of time spent online on people – and we take this responsibility seriously. These new tools are an important first step and we are committed to continuing our work by promoting safe, friendly and supportive communities for all “.


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