Facebook will allow you to permanently delete your search history to protect our privacy: this is how the Clean search History button works.
Facebook: how to delete and clean up the search history

Facebook goes to meet users and prepares a new function useful to clean up and delete the history of the social network. Clear History is a button that will arrive by the end of the year and will allow users to permanently delete the browsing history from the social network of Mark Zuckerberg in order to further protect our privacy.

At the center of several scandals over the past year, Facebook is really going to clean up the conscience (and reputation) through a function that should, on paper, make our navigation on the most famous social network in the world cleaner. This was announced by David Wehner, CFO of Menlo Park.

Facebook, Clear History: how it works

A useful function to completely eliminate our steps and our interests on Facebook was rumored for some time, during the F8 conference (also called Facebook Eight, an annual conference for developers and entrepreneurs who create and offer services on the social).

A simple and immediate command will allow you to completely delete your browsing history on Facebook, in order to remove any trace inherent to what we clicked spending our time on the social, browsing on websites visited much more.

A very important data for users who will be able to browse and use the social network in a different way and without the fear of being spied on. Cambridge Analytica has severely compromised the reputation of Facebook, and by this year it will be possible to use the platform in a more secure and prudent way. One wonders if even Instagram will suffer the same treatment, also seen the plans for the unification of the social photo and video right along with Facebook and WhatsApp.

Alternatively, you can for the moment delete the search navigation on Facebook through the appropriate bar: from browser, click on this and check the option delete searches to completely clean our history (which otherwise would appear showing the latest search, to the detriment of prying eyes). For the Clean History button it will be necessary to wait a few more months, but its arrival now seems more than certain: we will keep you updated.


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