When looking for the best VPN to play, you need to pay attention to a whole series of details. The risk is that encryption and forced passage through an external server can interfere with performance, increase ping and slow down the connection.

It is really impossible to contradict these objections, which often really ruin the experience of the most hardcore gamers, but we must reiterate that there are several good reasons to use VPN to play. If you want to discover them with us all you have to do is spend a few minutes of your time and get to the end of this article.

VPN to play: why use it

The first reasons users choose to use a VPN are privacy and security when browsing. Compared to the possible disadvantages that we have listed just now, the positive qualities of a VPN to play can be really interesting.

Firstly, you can use servers all over the world, circumventing a possible geographical block and being able to play titles not yet available in the country where you live. With this trick, you can also take advantage of the variable location to access online games different time before their release in a specific country.
Finally, let’s debunk a myth: not all the VPNs to play, slow down the connection and increase the ping, on the contrary, many providers have made customized servers just for those who love online gaming. Before revealing what we have chosen for you, we have decided to show you our comparison methods to determine which of those currently available are the best.

How to choose a VPN to play

Unlike VPN for Netflix or VPN for iPhone, to play online need more speed and stability, so you do not have to meet any kind of lag or slow down during the sessions of gaming. Precisely for this reason, if you are looking for the best one to use, you must pay attention to the minimum and essential requirements. 

  • Speed:  A good number of VPNs, due to the encryption of data, lose about 20% of the bandwidth. The services we have chosen for you, ensure maximum performance that your network can provide, so as to facilitate you during gaming.
  • Bandwidth:  Even if you have the maximum speed, this will be practically useless if you have already reached the bandwidth limit. Despite this limitation being less used than in the past, we have carefully avoided the VPNs to play that still exploit it.
  • Server:  If you are looking for a VPN to access blocked content, but available in other countries, it is necessary that these have servers in different areas of the world. The ones we have selected offer a great variety of countries through which it is possible to navigate.
  • Registration of navigation:  Despite the speed is the key feature in this area, why renounce the privacy? Given that many VPNs are implementing increasingly secure encryption, we will try to pay close attention to this detail.
  • Simultaneous connections:  when choosing a VPN to play, a detail is often underestimated. The maximum number of simultaneous connections can negatively affect your browsing and prevent you from accessing your favorite games. The online services we have chosen today are among the best in the industry in this field.

Best VPN for iPhone

1. NordVPN


NordVPN is one of the best VPNs to play currently available, as it offers really high peaks of speed and a number of optimizations to be taken into consideration. Unlimited bandwidth,  no traffic limitation, no restriction on usable file types and double encryption definitely stand out.

Really high the number of servers, 856  at the moment, distributed in 57 countries and growing. Furthermore, optimizing servers based on their use makes them perfect for the purpose of this guide.

2. IPVanish


IPvanish, about this we have already spoken about the best VPN for streaming is an excellent alternative to play online. This online service has about  750 servers,  present in 60 countries,  all with  256-bit AES encryption and no registration of online activities. Add to this the unlimited bandwidth, a detail that can not be missed if you play frequently on the PC.

Also excellent browsing speeds, with peaks above  60 Mbps and an average of  30.  These are really high speeds compared to other VPNs and that are essential to play online.

3. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN, provides one of the best online services of this type also for gaming. The particular attention to the speed of navigation is also demonstrated by the fact that directly on the website is integrated a tool to perform speed tests. In addition to this detail, ExpressVPN has the number of servers, 145  to be exact, higher among existing VPNs. These are distributed equally in more than 90 different countries.

Unlimited speed, as well as bandwidth, complete the technical features of this service. The only disadvantage is the number of devices that can be used simultaneously, stopped at three, despite many competitors do better.



Even  VyprVPN offers excellent performance in gaming and is currently one of the favorites by users around the world. The company manages more than  700 servers,  homogeneously distributed in over  70 countries,  encrypting all data and applying the concept of zerologging. 

Connection speed is also excellent, in many cases above  50 Mbps regardless of the area of the world where the data come from. Also interesting is the NAT firewall protection, which aims to prevent DDoS attacks before they drop the connection.

5. PureVPN


PureVPN focuses on speed without forgetting privacy and security. This service is great for online gamers and offers tailor-made features such as unlimited server changes. Moreover, as for the other alternatives that we have already analyzed, the data are unlimited, as are the bandwidth and the connection speed.

The cryptography used, AES 256-bit type, is of excellent quality and ensures a high degree of security. The only downside to this VPN is the noticeable variation in speed that can be encountered between one server and another.


Seen? Finding a good VPN to play is not impossible at all, on the contrary, the alternatives currently available allow in some cases even to improve the performance of their provider. If you add safety to speed, it’s a cocktail that’s really hard to say no, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer.


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