Would you like to put emojis on Mac but you do not know how? You use WhatsApp on your Mac and very often you would like to add nice emoticons to conversations but you can not find the right way to add them? In this guide, I’ll explain how to find and use emoji on Mac quickly and easily!

The emoji (also called emoticons) are increasingly used in conversations on social networks, in fact, it is quite convenient to express moods, indicate places, animals or objects, activities and much more, simply using an emoticon or a smiley sad face or smiling. If you are among the users who usually use smartphones or tablets and you miss the faces when you write from the computer, I’ll explain how to use emoji on Mac in a few moments.

How to look for emoji on Mac

Probably if you are reading this article you do not know how to put emojis on Mac and do not even know that macOS and OS X include a large library of emoticons and symbols, as well as iOS of the iPhone and iPad makes available. In this regard, I’ll explain briefly how to access the font panel of the Mac, then access the emoji, search and use them in your chats or posts on social networks.

While you are using your Mac, you can quickly access the emoji panel by simply clicking the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + CMD + Spacebar and left click on Emoji in the font window that will appear on the screen.

As you will see, in the second column starting from the left, macOS divides the emojis into categories (Smiley, food, activities, symbols, etc …) and a search field appears at the top right.

To find emojis on Mac, browse the emoticons that appear in the bookstore or search them by writing very simple terms in the singular. This is the official and fastest way to search for emoji on macOS.

How to put emoticons on Mac

At this point, after finding the emoji you want to use, just double click on it with the mouse pointer or (if allowed) you can move through the library with the arrow keys until you reach the desired emoticon and confirm by pressing the Enter button: this is the correct method for using emojis on Mac. By updating macOS to the latest available version you will have the possibility to get all the latest emoticons that Apple has added to its operating systems and in this way you can send emoticons in messages that you exchange with other Mac users, iPhone and iPad, without the fear of having to send characters not supported.

How to use emoji on WhatsApp for Mac and PC?

Finally, it is important to dedicate a short paragraph to the WhatsApp emoticons because if you use this instant messaging service from your Mac or PC, you might find it useful to include emojis in chats. In addition to the method I just described above, you can also use the emoticons that WhatsApp itself makes available in the computer application. In this case, while writing a message on WhatsApp for computer, to the left of the writing field (the one in which you type the message you want to send) you will see a gray face: by clicking on this emoticon, you have access to the WhatsApp emoticons library. Simply search for emojis through the search field and click on the symbol you want to use to insert it in the message; to return to the writing of the text, click on the downward arrow that appears to the left of the writing field.

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