Find out if a photo has been modified with Photoshop or other software with our complete guide that will reveal all the tricks used

How to find out if a photo has been retouched or modified

The world of photography is constantly evolving and if in the beginning professional photo editor programs were few, see the very famous Photoshop, now there are dozens and dozens of really excellent software including many designed to retouch images heavily.

All these photo editing programs in many cases allow you to retouch images and distort them completely, such as making a person lose weight, clean a person from the imperfections of the face, make it more beautiful and much more.

If you want to find out if an image or a photo has been retouched here are the sites and programs to find it on the fly.

In fact, if programs like Photoshop allow you to create real professional shots, in many cases, however, those who use these tools to make gross errors leaving many doubts to those who see the photo.

Here is that if you want to understand if a photo has been modified with Photoshop or other program, in this article we will go to see if there is a way to find out when a photo is edited with Photoshop or other program.

This is not a perfect and absolute method, but I assure you that it will help you to understand when and if a photo has been modified at least with a 95% chance of getting it.

How to find out if a photo is retouched

Discover modified photos:  Visual inspection

Check by eye. Yes, because very often the errors are coarse and can be seen with the naked eye. People with three legs, 6 fingers, hands that appear behind a person, poles split in two, suspended machines and much more. Just pay attention and for example see if the curves of the body are deformed (grease or lose weight), and most of the times the edges are grainy.

Then other signs of a retouched photo are unnatural lights that are too strong or that do not illuminate the whole room, so that they look fake. The loss of quality with a grainy effect anywhere or in some areas (those retouched) and finally pay attention to details if they are all in tact without strange and non-geometric shapes.

Discover modified photos: Internet sites

If the visual inspection has not paid off then you can try one of these websites that allow you to automatically analyze an image and offer in a few moments the response on the validity or not.

  1. FotoForensics uses a particular technique to understand if a photo has been modified with Photoshop or not. In general it seems quite reliable and highlights the parts of the photo on which Photoshop was used. To analyze the photo you have to open the site, enter the URL of the photo or upload the row from your PC and click on Analysis.
  2. With a simple search on Google inserting “reverse” and inserting the photo in the search for images we can find out if the background is used in other photos so as to discover the arcane.

Discover modified photos: PC programs

  1. JPEGsnoop ( DOWNLOAD ): Useful program that analyzes the photo, and if opening the image after a brief initial analysis will appear the report on the image, passing from Class 1 – Image is processed/edited if edited surely, Class 2 – Image has high probability of being processed/edited if almost certainly modified, the Class 3 may have been very little touched while with the Class 4 we are sure that the image is original.
  2. Izutru: Through the app for AppStore you can upload the image on the app and then check the immense database in its possession. If the photo has not been modified the message High Trust Original file from camera with green dot will appear otherwise if the dot is red the photo has been definitely modified.

These are the best methods to find out if a photo has been modified with Photoshop or other software and although they are not 100% safe, we can get a clear idea on the photo if there are any gross errors.


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