Have you connected your iPhone to a home network or a known router in your home or office but can not remember the password you used to connect? It often happens that a password can slip out of mind, especially if you entered the same month ago and has been stored on your faithful iPhone for all this time (the device automatically connected, so you did not have to remember it. Now that you need to reset the device or give it to a friend, do not remember it anymore, so you can not share it with other people.

This guide will show you how you can recover your iPhone WiFi password forgotten in every possible scenario, so that you can immediately use the best method based on your situation. The solutions that we propose in this guide include an iPhone without Jailbreak and with Jailbreak, so you can read the solution that matches you the most.

iPhone WiFi password forgotten

As you well know, and if you’re reading this guide is because you have personally verified, Apple does not allow you to see the default password of a WiFi connection, so we must adopt unofficial but equally effective solutions to achieve the purpose.

Recover your password without jailbreak

If your iPhone is not modified with the jailbreak and you do not know the password to access the router you are connected to, retrieving the forgotten iPhone WiFi password is quite simple. Follow these brief instructions.

You will first need to retrieve the IP address of the WiFi router you are connected to with the iPhone; it is usually one of the following addresses:


You can make sure of the right IP address using the Settings  ->  Wi-Fi menu from your iPhone, identifying the name of the WiFi network you are connected to and clicking on the Info button next to the network.

In the information tab you will find the word Router, with next to the IP address you need.

Recovered this IP address is the time to remember it and open it on Safari from the iPhone or from PC on any other browser. To do this, just type the IP address in the address bar of the chosen browser to see the router access screen appear. Enter the router user name and password to access the control panel. Typically, the router user name and password is admin. Otherwise check the instruction manual of the router.

Now that you are inside the configuration panel of the router you just need to find the Wireless menu, WiFi or Wireless Connection to retrieve the password to access the network you’re currently connected to the iPhone.

As you can see, you can recover your WiFi password only if you have access to the WiFi router, otherwise this procedure is not valid if you are connected to a public WiFi network. In the latter case, to see the password you must necessarily have the Jailbreak on the device and follow the next guide.

Recover your password with jailbreak

If the router is not accessible (perhaps because you are connected to a public WiFi network or because you are on a network that you are not the owner of) but you still have automatic access to the WiFi network you can recover your password only using the jailbreak (modifying the ‘iPhone) and using the app on Cydia called WiFi Password List.

Recovering the forgotten iPhone WiFi password is very simple, just open the app and check the WiFi networks saved on the device, finding the one you are connected to at the moment; open the network and you will find the network key next to the entry Password.

How to remember passwords

It is not uncommon for us to forget the WiFi password, especially if it consists of a series of random numbers and letters. A good way to remember this and other passwords is to install on your iPhone an app like 1Password that allows you to save all passwords and retrieve them easily when you need them.

1Password has the task to remember all the passwords and keeps them safe with a password that only you know. 1Password is a password manager that is very simple to use as it is safe. Just add the passwords and let 1Password do the rest. It also has the function that allows you to access websites and apps with a few clicks and has integrated the password generator to change passwords and make them more secure. 1Password has the free version or, for professional use, you can upgrade to the paid version with purchases in the app.


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