In all Android smartphones and tablets, including Samsung Galaxy, LG, Asus and other models, and even on the iPhone you can now update or change the application to write using the new Google GBoard keyboard.

Google is perhaps the easiest and best keyboard app to use, because it is light, fast, because it has an intelligent automatic recognition of the words you are writing, for spell checking and for the ability to search directly from the keyboard.

Research is the most relevant new element of Gboard, which can be used by tapping the tab at the top left (which can also be a button with Google’s G), above the Q, which allows you to post searches and website links like those of restaurants or news sites. Not only that, after the last update of the keyboard Google is very easy to find the emoji and insert GIF (animated images) in messages or in the supported apps.

Pressing the button on the smiley face you can then browse the various emojis or search in words what you want to use using the search field at the top.

In the supported apps, on the other hand, you can press, in the emoticon mode, the GIF button and search for animated images to be included in the messages to express a certain mood or to have a laugh.

While for those who already used the Google keyboard the update is automatic, for those who use other methods of default writing, this is an excellent opportunity to change the writing app of the smartphone.

The strong point of the Google keyboard is all in its ability, impossible to improve for anyone, to integrate in GBoard the research of its powerful engine, both sites that emoji and GIF. In addition to these innovations, the Google Keyboard app has an intelligent system of suggestions for words to write, allows you to choose a graphic theme light, dark or colored (from the tab menu, you can press the settings button to then choose the theme and other things), has the mode to write holding the phone with one hand, allows you to view or hide the line of numbers, to activate or deactivate the sound of the keys and the tactile vibration, to choose the size of the keyboard, to block offensive words, to automatically fill in the names of contacts in the phone book and other things.

In the keyboard settings there is a new search menu to enable or disable predictive search and to display the G button instead of the tab.

Note that even on the Google keyboard you can also write in “Swype” mode dragging your finger on the screen and moving from one letter to another without ever breaking away to write the word.

When you take your finger off, you automatically type in a space to start writing another word right away.

The most common words are then suggested and completed automatically.

The Google English keyboard for Android phones can be downloaded for free from the Google Play website. or, if not available for your mobile phone, you can download the apk installation file to be copied and run in the phone.

The official Google keyboard brings on all smartphones that have an Android version above 4.0, the writing features of Android 7 Nougat.

After installation, simply start the app to follow the initial configuration procedure.

It should also be noted that GBoard can also be used as a keyboard on iPhone (NOTE: If the Google app is already installed on the iPhone, you do not need to download the GBoard app because it is integrated and only activated by the iPhone’s keyboard settings).