After a strong hacker attack, stolen thousands of access data with stolen emails and passwords. Here’s what happened

Hacker Attack on Reddit: Steal thousands of Email and Password

Reddit suffered a couple of months ago a hacker attack of a single that however led to the theft of various credentials, mail and password, of many users as well as access to Reddit servers that may have endangered the privacy of millions of users.

In fact, the hacker who burdened the Reddit servers had access to some user data and a database dating back to 2007 with passwords, emails and user data.

The attack would have been executed between June 14 and 18, 2018, and the attacker stole the login credentials of several users, log with weekly fees for this year and many user data recorded between 2005 and 2007.

The attack was made possible because some accounts of Reddit employees were unsafe, bypassing the two-factor protection by SMS, which proved to be unsafe.

Although the accounts and passwords, the latter among other things encrypted, are dating back to 2007, our advice is to change the password cyclically from your web accesses.


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