Google photos is a gallery application that allows you to view photos and videos but not only, integrates various features, such as searching for people, animals and objects within the image, allows you to back up and manage content, in this little guide we will see how to hide a photo on Google Photos.

This new feature allows you to hide images from the main gallery of the application, but the archived files will still be visible in the Albums and in the search results.

The process to hide a photo on Google Photos is really very simple: select the photo we want to archive and press on “Archive” in the drop down menu.

As a result, in the side menu we find the new entry “Archive”, where you can view all the photos and videos that you decided not to show in the main window.

This function is very useful if you want to hide images from users’ views, as personal or inappropriate images; a way to raise the level of privacy and protect users against third parties.

For now this news is about the version of the application for Android, but soon should also debut on iOS and the web version of Google Photos.


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