WhatsApp is the favorite application to communicate with your friends and to share photos, videos and geographic location with them. Every time we open the app the date and time of the last access are updated and, in any chat just below our name, for example appears the words “Last seen today at 15:40″.

This feature of WhatsApp is not always convenient, because our contacts can somehow control what we do, making sure of our last access. How many times do you not accidentally answer a message and receive another from the same friend who asks us why we opened WhatsApp and we have not yet answered?

Not everyone likes to be checked and WhatsApp gives its users the possibility to choose whether or not to show the time of the last application opening. In this article we will see just how to hide the last access on WhatsApp for iPhone:

  • Open the official WhatsApp application on your iPhone
  • Tap the bottom right of Settings, then select the Account item
  • Select the Privacy item
  • Tap on Last Seen and choose the Nobody option

Alternatively, it is possible to show the date and time of the last access to the names in the phone book and to hide the information only for those who are not among our contacts. To do this, instead of setting Nobody, simply choose the My Contacts option.

To reactivate the last access on WhatsApp for iPhone just follow the same procedure and, when you reach the Privacy tab, under Last Seen set Everyone. From the same Privacy tab you can set specific restrictions both for viewing your profile picture and for viewing your personal status.


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