Icecream Screen Recorder is a complete program, equipped with all the features necessary to customize the video recording of the screen and screenshots, excellent for capturing any area of the desktop in a video file or image file.

We will explain how Icecream Screen Recorder works, bringing in highlights the main functions of this software that is among the best around.

What can we do with Icecream Screen Recorder?

Capture images from the screen, record games, create screencasts, video tutorials, create video reviews of websites, software or other products in full screen or in window.

How to make a screenshot

First we launch the program, will open a small window that asks us to select what we want to do, in this case a screenshot.

We are asked to select an area of the screen, then a series of options are shown, you can choose the resolution of the screenshot, draw, activate the webcam to take pictures to add, copy the image and get a URL you can share online.

After choosing the area to be delimited and having applied the various changes, just press on Screenshot and the image will be saved, with the possibility of including a name, or, it will be applied to the default program.

How to make a video recording

Recording a desktop video with Icecream Screen Recorder has the same procedure for making a screenshot.

Start the program instead of choosing the entry Screenshot, click on Capture video.

At this point we have the ability to select the area where we should make the recording, you can also start the webcam and microphone to make a video tutorial in which the movements will be recorded with the mouse present in the area, the video of the webcam and the audio for the production of a final video that will be automatically saved on the desktop and which can be played with any player.

The Icecream Screen Recorder software offers a variety of settings including cropping parts of video, managing audio and image quality, and converting files and sharing them on social networks.


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