5 Ways To Access The Blocked Websites In Computer Or Phone

Has your favorite website suddenly become unreachable? It is most probably has been blocked! The are many reasons can be one of following:

a) Problems with your DNS provider

b) because of company firewalls (the company can block access to certain sites).

c) or even because you may be in a country that prevents access to websites that are considered unwelcome because of few reasons (The Piratebay, Kickass Torrent, Cineblog01).

Here are 5 ways to access blocked websites in your computer or phone

Method 1)

If you want to know how to bypass sites blocked by your Internet provider.This is the most simple and functional method.

You can use google DNS servers.DNS servers “translate” the addresses of websites that you type into your browser (eg www.google.com) in the real address that is used to reach the latter, i.e the numerical addresses of type

If you are using Windows, you can quickly change the DNS servers of your connection by clicking on the network icon in the system notification area and selecting Open network and sharing center from the menu.
In the window click on Connect to the local network and then on the Properties button, double-click on the entry Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and put the check mark next to it.

Use the following DNS server addresses:

As primary address set (to be entered in the Preferred DNS server field)
As the secondary address set (to be entered in the Alternative DNS server field).

These are google DNS servers.

Method 2)

You can use a specific anti-censorship program, such as UltraSurf, or FreeGate. Download and install one of these two programs, and you can immediately access blocked sites with the browser ( through the proxies with which these programs connect). With both programs, our navigation will be encrypted.

It is a very effective method because up to now these programs are constantly developed to beat the censorship (attention: some firewalls or anti-rootkit programs installed on our computer could prevent their functioning, exchanging them for Trojans, or similar).

Or the alternative is, you can use a special browser,  TOR Browser Bundle. Helpful for visiting blocked sites by using proxy chain. And it will keep you anonymous.

Method 3)
Using a different proxy site such as NewIPNow.com. Using this you need not download or install any program.

Method 4) 
Using  Google Translate, That’s right it seems incredible, google translate associates its own DNS to the translated page so it will not block access. Just enter the address of the page to be translated and the rest will think google.

Method 5)
Using the Coral cdn. It is a service for websites to deal with the problems caused by excessive traffic on their pages. It can be used to display unreachable sites and works in two ways:

a) You can connect to the home page of the service and type the address of the site to be displayed in the bar located at the bottom left

b) Or add the suffix nyud.net to the address of the site to visit.