You often want to watch a movie, but you just cannot configure such difficult programs like Torrent or Emule etc. If you correspond to this type of case, do not worry, I’ll show you how to download free streaming movies, on your PC and then watch it whenever you want.

You decide to organize your evening in the early afternoon, decide which movie to watch, start browsing the various sites, read various guides, how to download a film from the internet, when reading this article you realize how easy it is, and start thinking, how many things you do not know.

It’s not like that, we can not know everything. So downloading a movie today has become the easiest thing to do, what you need is to find streaming movie sites, there are thousands on the net, and then download a simple program.

In my Guide, we are responsible if you use this program to download movies protected by copyright, I can only advise you not to do it, just to not burn earnings and work, of people who live there, but can be used for films without copyright, now let’s move on.

Then to download the movies on your PC, just download IDM, a lightweight program, only takes 5MB, from this link, download it and then install it on your PC, installation is quick and easy.

Along with the program, the various extensions will be installed, based on the browsers you use. Once installed, go to a site that broadcasts streaming movies without copyright, you’ll see that once the movie is started, it appears, usually at the bottom left an icon, just click on that icon to start the download.

I swear, to download an entire film it will only take a few minutes.

When you install this program, it will install five folders, called as videos, programs, music, etc. depending on what you download, you will find it in the appropriate folder, because this program, before being used for downloading movies from the internet, is a Download Manager.

The program is in trial version for 30 days, then you have to buy the final version, I assure you that, you will uninstall all the various programs, and you will start to use only this.


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