Sometimes when we try to copy our favorite movie to our PC we get a notification that we don’t have enough space in our hard disk.

But after looking at that message we start to think why is it showing so as we don’t have much files in our PC? Don’t we?

Well, it may happen due to having excess of duplicate files in PC. But it may take so much of your precious time and efforts to delete them one by one.

Am I right? Now you are thinking what is its solution?

Don’t worry we have a solution for your answer. Let’s have a look:

How to Find and Delete duplicate files on your PC

For this we would like to recommened you a free software which can help you in every possible way. To reorder or delete duplicate files we can use Easy Duplicate Finder.

It allows you to easily find duplicate files on your computer. It is able to detect duplicates independently if their names have been changed, it can also detect files with the same content thanks to its powerful search engine.

Find and Delete duplicate files with Easy Duplicate Finder

Let’s go to this page to download the program. Now install and start the program.

In Step 1 we go to choose the folder where we want to check for duplicate files. Once selected, all that remains is to press the Start Scan button.

How to Find and Delete duplicate files on your PC

At the end of the scan click on GO FIX THEM in order to decide how to handle the duplicate files found. For example, we can delete the selected files permanently or rename the duplicate files or, again, move a  copy of the file to another folder.

All these options are accessible by clicking with the right click button on the files found.


  1. Tarun! I heartily appreciate your efforts in trying people with common problems. In one of such articles, I was able to find program Duplicate Files Deleter which helped me a lot with such problems.


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