Officially Instagram doesn’t have the possibility of inserting GIFs and animations into Instagram stories anymore. This new function arose thanks to the collaboration with Giphy, the famous GIF creation and sharing service, which allows us to have an ever-increasing list of images to be inserted.

What are GIFs? These are images (as understandable by the name “Graphic Interchange Format”) that allow the display of small animations, giving dynamism.

This format of image has so much popularity in the World Wide Web in recent times, as it succeeds in replacing traditional emoticons and written messages.

How to insert GIFs in Instagram stories

Including these animations in Instagram stories is quite simple, and works on both iOS and Android.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the Instagram application from your smartphone (iOS or Android)
  2. From the home click on the camera button in the upper left, or swipe left: you will be in the camera interface.
  3. Then take a picture from “Normal” (option that is located under the shutter) or upload a photo from the gallery, by swiping up or clicking on the image box at the bottom left.
  4. In the editor of the story (the interface that allows us to edit the image), click on the sticker icon (the last one in the top right) and among the various options you need to choose “GIF”.Instagram gif
  5. In the new drop-down that appears, you can choose between the most used GIFs or you can find more specific using the search bar at the top.Instagram gif 2
  6. After clicking on the GIF that interests you, you can resize it and move it.
  7. When finished, click on “Send to ..” and then on “My story”.

If you followed this mini-guide correctly, you can show off your favorite GIFs in stories.

The introduction of this new function is paving the way to the prevalence of Instagram, now acquired by Facebook, compared to Snapchat.

As we know, the latter application was able to emerge among other social media and other communication apps for the possibility of posting temporary stories.

In recent times, with the introduction of this feature in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, Snapchat services are obsolete and “already seen”, despite being the true founder of this new feature.


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