After having heard so much from all your friends have finally you decided to download Instagram on your smartphone so you can share your photos with the rest of the world?

If that was what you really wanted you did really well, I can not tell you anything else.

However, if you are here now and you are reading this guide, it is probably because you are not yet very familiar with the famous photo app and in particular it is not yet clear how to publish your photos through the same.

If things are really like this, I’m happy to let you know that you can count on me once again. I can explain myself how to publish photos on Instagram, step by step.

With today’s guide, I will go to illustrate all that you can do to be able to share your photos through the famous app. Before you can be alarmed, however, I want to clarify right away that to publish photos on Instagram you will not have to perform particularly complicated operations and that to succeed in the enterprise does not need to be professional photographers or even experts in new technologies, you have mine word.

So if you are interested in finding out how to publish photos on Instagram, I suggest you sit up comfortably, grab your smartphone and spend half an hour or so of your free time reading this tutorial.

We bet that in the end you can tell yourself satisfied and that you’ll be ready to shout to the four winds that posting photos on Instagram was actually a real breeze?

Note:  To publish photos on Instagram it is essential that on the smartphone you used and on which you have installed the app and the Internet connection is active. In fact, without Internet connection it is not possible to share photos. The Internet connection can be both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, but in the second case, please note that an intense use of the cellular data network can go to pay especially on the active plan on your SIM. If it is, therefore, your intention to publish photos on Instagram in large quantities I suggest you do this via ADSL or Fibra.

Depending on what your needs and preferences are, you can choose to publish photos on Instagram in two different ways: using the Followers function, that is the “classic” sharing mode, or using the Direct function, that is to say the mode that allows you to share images privately with other users in some ways similar to when using WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps.

The result, as you can easily guess from the brief description of both the one function I gave you, is different. The choice of which function to use to publish photos on Instagram is therefore up to you alone.

Publish photos on Instagram – Follow us

If you prefer to publish photos on Instagram using the Followers function, the first fundamental step you need to take is, of course, to start the application on your smartphone.

To do this, tap the icon of the app in the home screen of your device and then if you have already created an account on Instagram you can proceed to reading the next paragraph otherwise type your e-mail address in the form that is proposed on the screen or log in using your Facebook account, then type the username and password you want to use, set a profile picture and complete the registration by first tap the checkmark located at the top right and then on Yes button.

After completing the procedure for creating the account, remember to access the email box associated with the email address you registered with and identify the email sent to you by the Instagram team.

Then confirm your subscription to the service by pressing the link in the message.

Register on Instagram

Now when you’ve finally started the app and you’ve signed in to the service, you’re ready to take action and, as a result, start posting photos on Instagram.

Proceed then going to press the blue button and depicting a camera that you find in the lower center of the screen, then choose whether to go to act on any photos already in your phone’s Gallery by pressing on Gallery and selecting an image or if you take new ones simply by tapping on Photos and taking a picture as usual.

instagram photo edit

After making the shot or after choosing the photo on which to act indicates the filter you want to apply to the image by selecting one of the many available.

Then tap twice consecutively on the name of the chosen filter to apply a themed frame to your shot. The final effect of the filter on your photo and its frame will be shown in real time. If you are not interested in using filters, you only need to leave the Normal option selected.

In addition to applying a filter and a frame before publishing photos on Instagram you can automatically adjust all the main parameters of the image. To do this, tap the sun button in the middle of the displayed screen and then press on the check mark located at the bottom right.

If the result of the automatic adjustment is not of your interest you can manually act on orientation, brightness, contrast, structure, heat, saturation, color, gradient, highlights, shadows and sharpness.

You can also add the vignetting or tilt-shift effect using the appropriate commands accessible by first pressing the icon depicting an adjustable wrench.

instagram photo tools

Once you have obtained a satisfactory result, tap the Next item located at the top right of the screen to proceed to the procedure by which you can publish photos on Instagram.

In the screen that you now see make sure that the item Followers is selected from the menu located above and then type the caption with which you want to accompany the photo in the text field Write a caption … , select the social networking services to post the photo over to Instagram (currently you can choose between Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Swarm).

Now indicate the location of the shot by pressing on the item Add a location or by directly tapping on one of the available suggestions.

If in your photo there are friends or acquaintances who have an account on Instagram you can tag them proceeding similarly to what you can do on Facebook and other social networks.

To tag an Instagram user in a photo of you just press on the option Tag people, then touch at the point of shooting where you want to make the tag (if there are faces of people you intend to tag I suggest you select these), type the name of the person you want to tag in the field Search for a person and press on the suggestion that is shown to you.

Repeat this procedure for each individual user who wants to tag in photos.

instagram tag people

After that the tag will appear on your shot and you can possibly place it in a different position from the current one by simply pressing on it and dragging it or, in case of change, you can remove it by pressing on it and then tap on the x that will appear on the side.

After adding the tag or tags and after making all the changes you want, press the item Finish which is placed at the top right of the screen that is shown to you.

Finally, tap the blue Share button at the bottom of the screen and wait a few moments for the upload of your shot to run and to post Instagram.

After being able to publish photos on Instagram you can then manage everything related to your shots by accessing your profile. To do this you just have to tap the icon depicting a little man that is located in the lower right part of the main application screen.

Then you will be shown a small preview of all the photos you have shared so far. To view a shot in all its splendor on top.

After pressing on one of your photos that you have published on Instagram you can also take a look at all the comments made to it, both by you and by other users, simply by scrolling the screen that is shown to you.

You can also express your appreciation for the photo by pressing the heart-shaped icon on the left, you can add more comments by tapping on the icon in the form of a cartoon and you can delete, edit and share the image by pressing the icon depicting three horizontal dots on the right.

Publish photos on Instagram – Direct

If instead of posting photos on Instagram as I have already done to spy on previous lines prefer to take advantage of the function Direct once arrived on the app screen that allows you to share images press on the Direct tab that is placed at the top.

Now fill the field Write a caption …  with the message to be delivered to the other user or to the other users you want to add to your photo and fill in the To: field by entering the name of the person or people with whom you want to share the shot on Instagram in private.

Then, tap the green button with the word Send or Send to the group (the item varies depending on the number of users you have selected to send the image) to the bottom of the screen.

After that, the user or users to whom you have decided to send your photo in a private way will receive a notification on their smartphone and will immediately see what you have shared.

instagram direct

Besides that as I have already explained to you then know that you can publish photos on Instagram via the Direct function by going to your profile and pressing on the click on which you intend to act.

To do this, tap the icon depicting a little man who is placed in the lower right part of the main Instagram screen. Then you will be shown a small preview of all the photos you share so far, then press on the photo that you prefer.

Now that you see the enlargement of the photo previously selected press the arrow button below the same, choose the name of the Instagram user to share the shot privately by pressing one of the suggestions that are shown to you or look for the nickname of your interest by tapping on Send to and typing it in the search field that appeared on the display.

Share photo on Instagram

Then fill out the field Write a message … typing your personal message that you want to add to the shot and tap the Send or Send to group button (the item varies depending on the number of users you have selected to send the image) complete the procedure by which to publish photos on Instagram using the Direct function.


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