You’ve definitely heard of the  Bloatware, these are the applications installed by the device manufacturers to add an exclusive touch of the company on branded smartphones.

These applications are called Bloatware because they “eat” a lot of memory that could instead be used for more useful applications, or to store important data and documents. Bloatware applications can not be uninstalled and slow down the performance and speed of your Android smartphone.

In this article, we will see how to remove the Bloatware apps on an Android device.

The reason why many users prefer to use custom ROMs is because they do not contain useless applications or any other type of Bloatware. But custom ROMs are sometimes not the best choice, especially when you’re not an Android maniac.

How to remove Bloatware apps

The only solution is to try to remove the Bloatware applications from the firmware stock of your device. So far there have been several methods to remove these applications, but all were aimed at specific devices or specific manufacturers. A universal method valid for all Android devices has landed on Google Play Store and now we present it to you.

NoBloat by TVK Development is an interesting solution, which gives users the ability to delete default applications/images installed on any Android smartphone. The application requires root permissions, once granted, allows users to select and delete the Bloatware.

The best option of this application is to create a backup copy of the pre-installed applications on the phone’s SD card and then delete them. NoBloat is very useful but you have to be careful, because if you delete some system applications, it may cause problems for the correct operation of the device and you can get errors even after a while. In this case, the restoration of the previously performed backup can prove to be a real help, otherwise, if you do not have the backup, you are forced to install a new firmware on the device.

Another interesting option of NoBloat is to simply disable Bloatware applications without deleting them immediately. This can free up a lot of storage space, occupied by unused data on the Android device and thus increase the performance of the device. The free version of NoBloat comes with limited options, but there is a paid version that enhances the functionality of the device to the fullest.

How to use NoBloat:

  • Make sure the device has Root permissions.
  • Install NoBloat Free from the Google Play Store.
  • Identify the bloatware applications on your device.
  • Now open NoBloat from the app folder.
  • Select the bloatware applications you want to delete.
  • Make sure that no other applications used by the system are selected, for example, launcher, camera, gallery or any other system application.
  • Back up the applications.
  • Delete or disable applications.
  • Verify that the device is fully functional.

That’s all. If you have root permissions on your device, this is the easiest way to remove Bloatware apps on Android devices. If you know any other method then please leave your suggestion in our comment box.


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