By default, Windows 10 requires a username and password each time you turn on the computer. Although we are the only users of our PC or tablet Windows 10, Microsoft thought it would be good and right to protect it with a password to access the system, especially if we are talking about a Microsoft account.

However, if you feel that this is a superfluous step and you want to remove the Windows 10 password, below you will find a simple procedure to follow to do so, keeping in mind that in case you have set up a Microsoft account will create a “clone” of the account in local which will not work.

In all cases, the procedure is totally reversible.

Remove the Windows 10 password

To proceed, let’s tap the key combination WIN + R and in the window that appears there type:


followed by sending OK.

A window similar to the one below will appear:
Login windows without password

Then select you user account and remove the check from “To use this computer the user must enter the name and password “.

Login windows without password

After that click on OK: we will see a window that will ask us to enter our password for security reasons.

Done, we were able to remove the Windows 10 password from the login screen! Try restarting the computer to verify the actual operation of the procedure. Clearly, the process is totally reversible: to reactivate the password at the access we will not have to do is reopen the old account manager and put the check mark where we had previously removed.


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