If you have forgotten the password you saved online and now it is covered with asterisks and you do not know how to recover it. Then don’t worry there is a very simple system to discover passwords covered with asterisks on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari, without installing programs.

On all browsers, there is the possibility to save your passwords online. At the time of logins, passwords are hidden behind to asterisksdots or dots that serve to safeguard the privacy and avoid that other people can discover our access to Facebook data, Gmail, Web sites, Web services.

 With this easy trick, you can find out what’s behind the asterisks that protect your password. The procedure is extremely simple and any person can use it very easily through the browser.

Once you reach the page where the password is hidden by asterisks, dots or dots, such as the login page of Gmail or Facebook, you have to highlight all the asterisks. Click the right button and select ” Inspect the element “or use the following keys depending on your browser:

  • F12: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • CTRL + SHIFT + I : Opera, Google Chrome
  • CTRL + ALT + I : Safari

Then the console for developers will appear, where the string “input type = password” will be present.

Hidden Password by asterik

To turn the password asterisks into characters, double-click the type = “password” parameter by changing it to type = ” text “ and press the Enter key.

The password previously hidden by asterisks or dots will appear.


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