Do you have an Apple phone but would you like to sync Google contacts with iPhone? You can certainly make your Google address compatible with Apple technology, without problems. Just follow a few steps thanks to which you will finally have complete mastery and you can finally manage all your contacts even from the non-Android phone.

You will not have to give up anything

Many think they have to give up the Google address when they bought an iPhone: nothing more wrong! You can always synchronize Google contacts with iPhone and you can also use your device to add new cards to those already present.

So your phone book will be safe even if you want to mix the two technologies.

The procedure for Synchronizing Google contacts with iPhone

To start Synchronizing Google contacts with iPhone, you must use your mobile phone and go to Settings using the wheel icon on your screen.

At this point go inside the Email, Contacts and Calendar function to start the procedure. Next, choose the Add Account function to set up your Gmail profile on your phone.

After making this choice you will see the presence of many different options: from iCloud account, to Exchange. There will also be one that will affect Gmail, but you will have to ignore it, as the process will be easier by choosing Microsoft Exchange.

It may not be intuitive, but you will have to continue following this procedure.

At this point you have to enter the necessary information of your Gmail account:

  • For Email you must enter all your e-mail address;
  • In older versions, it could be written Domain, but the content must be the same;
  • In other versions, it will also be possible to write us only Username, and you will have to insert only the first part of the snail of your e-mail address;
  • Next, you will need to enter the password for your Gmail account;
  • In the part called Description you can enter what you want;

At this point, click Continue and you will see a new screen in which there will be the entry Domain again. Here you will have to enter as the domain for your mailbox and the addresses of your contacts.

Often instead of Domain, there will be written Server, but the content that you will have to insert inside it will always be the same. After checking all the other settings you can proceed to save everything that you have previously entered by clicking on the Save button.

In case you only see a few contacts, do not despair! To solve this problem too, you will have to go back to the Phone Settings and click on Contacts.

At this point, click on Groups in the upper left part of the screen. To restart the synchronization process of the contacts you must click on the arrow that will allow you to update the procedure.

In this way, after the conclusion of the procedure, you can have all your contacts available again.

Synchronizing Google contacts with iPhone is certainly not difficult but knowing the procedure in detail will allow you not to make mistakes and also to have a special guide.


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