Now there are many people who are in possession of more than one mobile device. For different needs, we are equipped with a tablet, a notebook and the inevitable smartphone. If you are among these people, have you ever wondered how you can exchange files, links, synchronize notifications automatically between all these devices? In other words, can you sync files between multiple devices? It’s true, cloud services provide this possibility of having some files available on all devices, but not all of them. For example, links and notifications can not be synchronized, at least not automatically.

Having this requirement, looking, I discovered a phenomenal free application, it’s called Pushbullet that does just this synchronization service in a simple way. Obviously, you can download it from the Play Store simply by clicking on the application link.PushBullet-icon

The Pushbullet application, in short, allows you to save time, stay connected and keep yourself informed. You can send and receive text messages conveniently from your computer. Respond to messages from many social apps including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Going specifically, thanks to Pushbullet you can exchange files (of any kind) and links between your different devices and synchronize notifications with a few simple clicks. This service is also available for many platforms, there is even an extension for Google Chrome.

Having tested Pushbullet for a long time, I can assure you that you will receive notifications on your computer at the same time as the notification you receive on your phone! You will see all the phone notifications on your computer, including telephone calls. Deleting a notification on the computer will also go on the phone.

The possibilities that Pushbullet offers do not stop there, in fact these services are not limited only to your devices. You can also send files and links of any kind to your friends who own this application on the phone.

Considering the service that offers the cloud, in my opinion the greatest advantage of this application, is that it allows you to synchronize notifications of messages, calls, whatsapp, facebook and much more. Try, for example, to think about all those times when you are using your computer, leave the phone in another room and you get a call or a message. By using Pushbullet, you will no longer lose important calls, you will be notified on the PC every call you receive, so you can act accordingly.

Or, have you ever wanted to surf on a website from your PC, but to have the link saved on your phone’s browser? Well, with Pushbullet you just need to send it to your PC to be able to browse the site immediately.

The examples that I mentioned to you are just some of the possible situations that can arise and in which this application can be very useful. To realize its usefulness in synchronizing all your notifications between the various devices, I suggest you try to download and install it on tablets, smartphones and computers, and then tell me in the comments as you like!


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