PDF is a famous format for Adobe home documents, which has been among the international standards for its reliability and flexibility for years. The documents in pdf allow to attach digital signatures, contain text, images, buttons and numerous elements usually proper of the web pages for a better presentation of the contents.

We must make a small distinction here. When we talk about PDF there are two types of app to manage them: the “readers” i.e the readers, such as Acrobat Reader, generally free or integrated in the browser, which have the simple function of allowing us to view a PDF document, or “editors” “. The second type of app allows us to make changes within PDF files or create new ones. When there are particular needs like inserting a link into a PDF, it is, therefore, necessary to have an editing app to perform this simple procedure. Then we will see different methods, applicable to different editing programs for PDF.

Use Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is paid, but it is the ideal app to make changes and create files in PDF, made by the same brand that created this format. Once installed the app and open the document that interests us, or create a new one, just click on Tools -> Edit PDF -> Link -> Add or change. The mouse pointer will become a + and we will be able to draw a resizable rectangle anywhere in the document. Within this rectangle you will find the clickable area of the link.
So we just have to decide what kind of link we want to insert and fill in the fields in the Create Link dialog, which will open immediately after tracing the rectangle. The options are various: it can be an external link to a web page, as well as an anchor inside our own document that leads to a specific point at a zoom preset by us, or open a file.

Use ApowerPDF

ApowerPDF is one of the many editors of this format that allows simple procedures like inserting a link into a pdf. Available in a paid version and a trial version, however, it has the defect of attaching – in its trial version of course – an unpleasant watermark to the background of the document. The operation is still simple. Just click on Edit in the top menu and a panel will open on the right. In this panel, click on Link> Insert link rectangle.

The procedure is therefore identical to that of the previous step: we draw a rectangle, and fill out the form to establish which link to insert in detail. The tool also allows us to customize a minimum of the aesthetics of our rectangle containing the link, with simple options such as color and line thickness.

Use PDFescape

PDFescape is another useful editor for the purpose of inserting links in a PDF. Also in this case it is a paid app with a reduced free version. It has a convenient online usable form that can be used by your browser and a downloadable one. From the same function as the other editors, it allows you to edit for free and without entering logos and watermarks, a medium-sized pdf file, maximum 100 pages or 10 MB. To insert the link, simply click on the Link button in the left menu and click on the point where you want to insert the link rectangle to make it appear. In this case there are two options for the link: to a web page, or to an internal anchor of the document itself. Once you specify the link we want, you can easily move and resize the rectangle.

Use Sejda

Another convenient online editor, which does not require downloads or registrations, is Sejda. Allows the creation or editing of pdf files, as well as the possibility of signing them, and a free editing without watermarks for files of up to 200 pages or 50 MB in size.
Once you have opened or created the file, inserting a link is very simple and intuitive: just click on the Link button in the top menu, and we will be able to draw the usual link rectangle at the point we prefer in our document. Sejda allows only one type of link, ie those to external web pages.


Never forget:

  • When we insert a link to an external link, we remember to write the address impeccably and entirely, with a lot of http:// in front of it.


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