There are many applications of instant messaging, the most popular are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line and Google Allo.

However, today will be talk about a newly launched, new alternative app that we all know, and which will be named Instagram Direct.

The name sure already sounds, because “Direct” was the function that was already included in the application with which you could send messages to your friends on Instagram, but now Facebook plans to turn it into an independent application separating it from Instagram such and as happened at the time with Facebook Messenger.

I still do not understand the reason for Facebook to begin to segment their communication tools, especially because the creation of Instagram Direct comes to rival directly with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

It seems that these types of movements do not make much sense, although it seems that the logic of Facebook is aimed at occupying all the possible market segments so that each one decides which messaging application to use, regardless of whether one competes with the other.

One of the outstanding features of Instagram Direct will be the photos and filters, for something that has come out of Instagram, it will work practically the same as it does at this moment within the application, but to make users start using the application, Facebook will include exclusive filters that will not appear within Instagram.

According to the Facebook development team, the intention of separating Direct from Instagram is because they want to create a better user experience by differentiating the private sphere of the public, since instant messaging applications have a profile much more focused on privacy compared to social networks.

Instagram Direct  will be intuitive and simple to use according to its developers, the first thing that will appear when opening the application will be the camera so you can take a photograph and share it with your friends, however, it is not necessary to take a photograph at all times, to the right you will access your conversation history, and to the left you will see the settings of the application.

Regarding the four new exclusive filters, the developers have indicated that for now, they will not reach Instagram, so to use them necessarily it must be done through the Instagram Direct application.

For now, Instagram Direct will be launched today for Android and iOS in Chile, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Uruguay, and will subsequently begin to reach other markets.

And although it is currently not possible to test it, interested Android users will be able to run the APK file to have it on their device once it is available.

So it seems that we will have to get used (again) to use Instagram for one thing and Instagram Direct for another, as happened years ago between Facebook and Messenger.


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