Through this tutorial we will see how to install Android P Emojis and fonts on any Android device. Google recently released the latest update of its next Android version, Android P Beta 2 or Developer Preview 3. The new update offers many additions, such as the final API, a button deletes everything in the overview and confirms that the next version will indeed be Android 9.

Google added a total of 157 new emojis to the operating system with this new update, including a superhero, blade, hot/cold face, gender-neutral family and more. Well, if you’re still using a non-Pixel device and you’d like to have these new emojis on your device, there’s a way out for you. Thanks to the senior member of XDA, joeyhuab, there is now a Magisk module to run these emojis on any Android device.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading while we show you how to install Android P Emojis and fonts on any Android device.

Note: I tried the following method on my Moto G5S Plus with Android Oreo 8.1, and the method worked fine. In addition, the following method uses a Magisk module. As such, make sure your device is rooted with Magisk.

How to install Android P Emojis and fonts on any Android device

1. First, download Android P Fonts and Emojis Magisk Module ( free ) on your device.

2. Now open the Magisk Manager and tap the burger menu. Here, touch “Modules”.

3. Now, tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen. Now go to the folder where you downloaded the Magisk module and select it.

4. Magisk will automatically install the Android P Emojis and Fonts module on your device. Once finished, tap on “Restart” at the bottom right to restart the device.

5. This is everything. Android P Fonts and Emojis will now be installed on your device.

Enjoy the new Android P Emojis on your Android device

Well, this was practically everything. Thanks to the above method, you can easily install and use the new Emoji and Fonts introduced by Google in the latest version of Android P Beta 2 (Developer Preview 3). Personally, I immediately loved the new Emoji on my device. And you? Did the method described above work for you? Share with us your experiences and opinions in the comments below.


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