An iOS 12.1 bug on iPhone allows anyone to access address book (contacts list) by bypassing lock code and the Touch/Face ID. Here’s how.
IPhone alert: you can access contacts without unlocking the phone

iPhone enjoys some of the best security measures available: between Touch ID and Face ID unlock an Apple phone, if you do not own it, it’s really impossible. Almost.

The latest update iOS 12.1, released by Apple just a few days ago, hides a bug that would allow you to access the Contacts address without unlocking iPhone, both on devices equipped with fingerprint reading (from iPhone 5s to 8 Plus) and on those equipped facial recognition such as iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max and iPhone XR.

The update, new version of iOS 12.1, introduces 70 new emoji and the long-awaited group FaceTime, and the latter are at the center of the infamous bug. It is very likely that Apple will solve the problem in the coming days, as it did previously as a result of system failures of this type, but in the meantime here is how to exploit this small flaw in the security of the iPhone.

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How to access iPhone address book without unlocking it

First of all, the device must have been updated to iOS 12.1: in that case, it will take a few simple steps to get around the Apple operating system and access the contacts of the desired iPhone.

You will have to call the Siri voice assistant : on iPhone with Touch ID you can do it by holding down the home button, on iPhone X and above (with Face ID) hold down the right side key; or on all models with the option “Hi Siri” activated to have immediate access to voice commands

Activated Siri, ask to call a contact in the phonebook (the simplest option could be yourselves, in case the iPhone has your number, or Mum or Dad) and wait for the call to start: you may be asked for some confirm, type which contact or number to choose in case of homonyms or contacts with double number.

Start the call, press the FaceTime button (the second in the second line of call menu options): while the iPhone is starting the video call function, open the quick options menu by swiping from the bottom on iPhone with Home button, swipe from the right corner of the display to the bottom with iPhone X and above.

Once the control center is open, activate the airplane mode: it is the first command on the left (in the window dedicated to connectivity). This way you do not interrupt the call, bringing the iPhone to freeze, and you avoid starting the video call with the contacted person.

From the FaceTime screen, click on the call options (button with the three dots) and open the menu by pressing the last command below “Add contact“.

iPhone will ask you which number to add to the group FaceTime: click on the blue + button at the top right to access the entire address book of the iPhone in question.

From the Contact list you can have access to any number, email address or other between the various entries recorded in a virtually anonymous form and without needing any access code. Easy, no?


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