If you need to connect to the internet but you do not have a data connection you can use the iPhone as a wifi hotspot. Setting it up is very simple and very few steps are required. Thanks to the hotspot you can enjoy a secure wi-fi connection shared with a Mac, iPad or other smartphones with prior authorization and password setting.

Here’s how to activate hotspots from the iPhone and how it works.

How to activate iPhone Hotspot

We assume that we have finished the Data of our offer and there are no free or working wi-fi networks nearby. Or we are working on the computer when suddenly the internet does not work anymore. But we have an iPhone available, ready to share its data connection with the device we are using. Here’s how to proceed:

  • From iPhone go to Settings> Personal Hotspot
  • Move the lever to the right
  • Choose whether to enable the hotspot only with Wi-Fi and USB or even with Bluetooth (option required when connecting via two smartphones or tablets)
  • Make a note of the password to access the hotspot, possibly copying it to the clipboard. The iPhone owner can change the password at any time by tapping on Wi-Fi Password. It must contain at least 8 characters and the modification will disconnect the currently connected users.
  • Connect the device that needs a connection in the list of Bluetooth connections, by entering the personal password.

In a few seconds your device will be back online using the hotspot connection of the second device.

Things to know before using iPhone hotspots

Data connection sharing uses the same rules set by your subscription in terms of usable network quantity. If you have 1 or 2 GB of downloadable data provided by your rate plan and not unlimited browsing, use the function sparingly or you will soon find yourself without internet on your smartphone.


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