Having a wide range of iPhone tricks to use for any eventuality can be really advantageous.

Here are some of the tricks and shortcuts that you can use to master the use of your device, even discovering the functions that, perhaps, did not know.

iPhone tricks to add shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can often be a godsend, especially when you learn how to handle them.

However, you can also add shortcuts to perform some operations much more quickly and simply.

Here’s what to do to integrate your phone with these options:

  • Open the Settings;
  • Click on General;
  • Click on Keyboard;
  • Click on Text replacement;
  • Click on the button with the + sign;
  • Enter the phrase or word you want to appear when you need to use your shortcut;
  • Save everything;

IPhone tricks to use 3D touch shortcuts

Another way to insert keyboard shortcuts can also be applied to 3D touch.

To enter these options also you will need:

  • Click and hold your finger on the icon of the application for which you want to use shortcuts;
  • Click on the shortcut option you wish to apply;

You can see, for example, how the app is running, or you can directly interact with the application without having to open it first.

The iPhone tricks for typing

Among the iPhone tricks that we propose there are also those related to typing. In particular, let’s see how you can set up your phone so that the Enter key matches a double white line:

  • Open the Settings;
  • Click on General
  • Move down and click on Keyboard;
  • Move the switch next to the shortcut with the dot symbol in the green position;

We also see how to enable and disable assisted typing quickly:

  • Open any application and open the iOS keyboard;
  • Click, and keep your finger pressed, on the World symbol;
  • Click on Keyboard Settings;
  • Activate, or deactivate, the assisted typing using the relative switch;

IPhone tricks to see recent history

Another, among the iPhone tricks here proposed, will allow you to quickly see the recent history of your Safari.

To do this you will need:

  • Open Safari;
  • Click, and keep pressed, the button to go back inside the browser;
  • You will be shown the recent history on Safari;
  • You can click on any address to open it again;
  • In other cases, you can click on Done;

Also, you can open and view recently opened tabs in Safari. To do this you will need:

  • Open Safari;
  • Click on the square button dedicated to the cards;
  • Click, and hold down, the button with the + sign;
  • To open a recently closed tab you can simply click on it;
  • In all other cases, you can click on Done;

IPhone tricks to configure widgets in the Notification Center

One last set of tricks iPhone will allow you to configure the different widgets in the Notification Center.

To practice this procedure you will need:

  • Move to the right from the home screen of your phone;
  • Move down and click on Edit at the bottom of the widget list;

Click on the green button with the + sign to add the widgets you want;


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