WordPress is definitely one of the most widespread and popular platforms to make websites/blogs and if you also intend to create a new one using this platform starting from a theme you have already seen on another site you may need to know the name of the theme used.

Today we will see a tools and some advice on how you can find the name of a WordPress template and understand if we can find it for free or is paid for sale on sites like themeforest.net. The tool that we will see besides returning the name of the theme used can also indicate the plugins installed on a given site.

Before seeing the tool, I remind you that if the theme used by the site you like has been made by hand and therefore is not available online you will not be able to have it unless the owner of the site won’t give it to you. Secondly, you must be sure that the site you visited was made in WordPress.

Online tool to find out the name of the Template on WordPress used

The name of the online tool is Whatwpthemeisthat.com and you will need to paste the URL of the site you like and start the scan to know the name of the theme used with information on the author and possibly if it is paid.


Once the name of the theme has been extrapolated, all we have to do is look for it online. If it’s free you could find it directly in the WordPress archive at this address WordPress.org/themes.

If instead it is a paid template you will most likely find it on Themeforest.net or from the website link of the author of the theme that could find the online tool reported above.

Moreover, as anticipated it will also be possible to have a list of the plugins used by a specific site made in WordPress in order to understand if they could be useful in some way.

Second method without tools

In case the tool does not work you can try to locate the style.css file inside the theme in WordPress through an internet browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

What you need to do is:

  1. access the site that interests you
  2. Right-click on any point on the screen and select “View page source” both on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  3. Press the CTRL + F button to search for the style.css file
  4. If you find the name of the theme is that in the middle of themes and style.css

Here to follow an example of the code that identifies the name of the theme by looking for the style.css style sheet:

<link rel = 'stylesheet' id = 'tie-style-css' href ='http://sitename.com/wp-content/themes/themename/style.css' type = 'text/css' media =' all '/

What you will need to take as a reference is themename in bold.


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