Limiting the network bandwidth on the browser can be very useful, especially when uploading videos on Youtube, because the whole network is saturated by uploading and creating particularly annoying lag, in this article we will see how to limit the bandwidth network on Google Chrome, the most used browser in the world.

The problems of lag can be presented to those who are playing online or those users who use the network for other operations, so going to do this type of intervention only improves and limits possible interference.

First we open Google Chrome, we specify that the change we’re going to do only applies to the tab that we have opened, so if we want it to be valid for another window, we should repeat the operation on that too.

Open the page to upload videos on Youtube, then press F12, a window will appear on the right, go to Network, then the three-dots icon and select the item More Tools first and then on Network Conditions.

At the bottom ensure the presence of the entry No throttling, select it and press Add, in this way we will add a new rule.

Now you can create a new personal profile, in Profile Name we insert the name we want to give to the network, while in Download and Upload we can choose values, in order to limit the band, it is maximum values of the two entries for the current tab.

After adding the new rule, go back to the previous window and click on No throttling, then on Custom, where the option we created to limit the tab will be present.

In this way we could navigate the tab without being affected by problems due to overload or excessive use of the network band.


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