Managing files on iTunes at best can be very useful, especially if you have a lot of audio files.

One of the most necessary maneuvers will, of course, be the one by which you can delete your iTunes files, but also all the options through which you can reorganize your library.

So let’s see how to manage files on iTunes to the best and reorganize them.

How to select the songs to delete

First of all, to manage files on iTunes, let’s see how to select the files to delete from iTunes:

  • To select the single song you will have to click on it simply;
  • To select more tracks, you can click on each of them by holding down, for consecutive songs, the Shift key, for non-consecutive ones the Control key or the Command key;
  • To delete an album, you must click on the icon consisting of three dots and placed next to the album title;

At this point, to delete the tracks you can follow one of the procedures listed here in an alternative way:

  • Use the Delete key on the keyboard;
  • Go to the Edit menu and choose Delete;
  • Click on the icon consisting of three dots and click on Delete;

Manage files on iTunes by choosing options for deletion

The moment you will delete the tracks you will be offered different options to choose from, here are the differences between these options:

  • Delete download: the song remains in the iTunes library but is deleted from the device memory;
  • Delete track: this will erase all the tracks of the song you have chosen;
  • Keep files: in this case the song will be deleted from the iTunes library but it will still be present in the memory of the device used;

To manage files on iTunes you will have to make your choice among the different options that will be shown to you when you decide to remove a particular song.

What happens to your iPhone when you delete tracks

While managing files on iTunes you should also know what will happen on your phone when you decide to delete a song.

In case you have Apple Music or iTunes Match if you have deleted a file from iTunes in your computer, this will also be deleted from your iPhone.

If, on the other hand, you only want to perform the simple synchronization with your computer, the song can remain on the phone until you have made the next synchronization.


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