With the increasing development of new technologies, we have witnessed an incredible evolution in the field of smartphones, especially if we talk about operating systems like Android, which today allow us to do almost anything. This evolution, then, has allowed our mobile phones to perform calculations and IT operations really advanced, to the point that they can be used even to mount video: an aspect that previously could only be edited on PC, but that today makes video editing a real and its own portable operation. In fact, today with Android we can do things like extract audio from video and make stop-motion videos. Today we will see the 5 best apps to merge videos on Android.

1. Video Joiner

Video Joiner is an excellent app to join videos on Android, which is striking because of its professionalism and its effectiveness: for those used to video editing from a PC, switching to this smartphone app will be like landing on a soft pillow. Although this is not a particularly advanced program, it will allow you to merge video clips quickly and take advantage of the most common formats, such as MP4, 3GP, MPEG and MOV. Unfortunately, however, you can only merge two files at a time: which could be a rather annoying limitation.

2. AndroVid Video Editor

AndroVid Video Editor is a powerful video editing application that, among other things, also allows you to merge multiple videos into a single file: in addition to this basic operation, you can also split videos, add special effects and transitions, and convert your videos in the most disparate output formats. The options that AndroVid Video Editor offers you are so vast that this app is a real semi-professional and portable video editing program.

3. VideoShow

VideoShow is – in all likelihood – the most powerful video editing program that you can find on Android: there are so many options, to the point that in addition to being able to merge more videos, you can also insert photos, music, watermarks, subtitles, transitions and multimedia text. In other words, there is nothing you can not do with VideoShow. Finally, you can save the output file taking advantage of many formats, including those less common: there are not many apps that will allow you to do these things, so VideoShow absolutely deserves a little thought.

4. Video Merger Free

Video Merger Free is a very basic app and very simple to use: forget all the options of the previous, since this application only allows you to merge the videos. Why should you choose Video Merger Free? Because it allows you to combine everything you want with a snap of fingers and at the speed of light, without requiring the use of large resources on your Android smartphone. Moreover, the user interface of this app is very pleasant and interactive, perhaps the best on the square from this point of view.

5. VideoMerge

We close our list of the best 5 apps to merge videos on Android with VideoMerge: an incredibly simple app to use, which makes joining video clips a real breeze. Despite its simplicity, it should be emphasized that VideoMerge also stands as an app suitable for professionals in the industry, because of its particular reliability and, above all, for the absence of annoying banner ads. Finally, with VideoMerge you can even join videos of different formats: a feature that you will not find in any other video application for Android!


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