DCM file is usually a media image that can be used and exploited for different medical purposes. It is a type of file known also as DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) and mainly allows the inclusion of ultrasound images, resonances and CT scans (Computerized Axial Tomography).

Someone definitely will have had to deal with this sort of file, but certainly will have encountered some problems in opening them and reading them and it is precisely for this reason that we decided to collect the best 4 Sites to Open DCM Online File completely free. If by chance you have had or are still dealing with DCM files, you just have to continue reading the post to understand which resource to rely on the management and viewing of these files.

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DICOM Viewer


The first site that we recommend to recommend is called DICOM Viewer and has been reported by many users as the best online resource ever to open and read files in DCM format. Its use is extremely simple and fast, in fact after having reached the homepage of the resource (Link above), you have to load from the PC (or services like Google Drive or directly from URL) the file in question.

Open the file, simply use the drag function to increase or reduce the brightness of the image to get a better view, to be able to catch every detail. In addition to what has been listed, DICOM Viewer presents other features and filters to be used to improve visualization and obtain accurate information from the image in DCM format.



postDICOM is another excellent free online resource that allows you to open, read and obtain information from an image in DCM format. Exactly like the service described above allows a perfect visualization and analysis of the image that can be improved using the filters and the effects present.

Besides allowing the opening of a single file, with post DICOM it is also possible to upload multiple images and display them all at the same time. The only flaw is that it is a fairly slow tool in loading and it may be useful to update the page from time to time.

DICOM Library


DICOM Library is another useful service to open and read the contents of files with the DCM extension. It is an instrument that is the same in all respects to those previously mentioned with one and only difference: it is possible to export the image in TIFF or JPG format. As for the other tools, also in this case there are some tools necessary for a correct display of DCM files:

  • Overview
  • Zoom
  • Measurement
  • Filters and effects
  • Rotation

If you fail to use the first sites listed, then you would do well to rely on DICOM Library.



The last site we talk about before concluding the whole post is Fviewer and it is absolutely useless to present features and functionality as they are the same as the resources already described above. The only advice we want to give you is to test the resource to full functionality, tweaking for some specifications and effects, so as to understand if there can be really useful.