How to connect Spotify to Alexa [Amazon Echo]: Best Method

connect spotify with alexa

With the Alexa virtual assistant it is possible to listen to music, but using Amazon Music, by default. You can change Alexa to Spotify via the smartphone app and listen to your favorite songs and playlists on Echo. Check out how: Alexa with Spotify It is possible to connect Alexa with Spotify even if the user does not have a premium account

How to check fake news on WhatsApp [Search]: Best Method

WhatsApp Messenger

One of WhatsApp’s biggest concerns is to combat the large number of fake news shared on the platform. That is why the company is developing ways to reduce the spread of fake news. Find out how to check fake news on WhatsApp through the search feature implemented in the app. How to send a large video via WhatsApp [Android,

How Does YouTube Monetization Work?

earn money with youtube

After the isolation period, the number of people working from home grew. The quest to become a content creator was no different. See in our article how YouTube monetization works and how it is possible to generate income. How YouTubers make money on YouTube How to create content for Youtube Before thinking about monetizing, it is important to think

What is CRM Integration and Integrating CRM Into Your Business


CRM is the buzzword that has revolutionized the way we now do business and leave a digital footprint online. CRM or customer relationship management is the technology that helps in making use of the vast plethora of opportunities available online. CRM integrations have followed close in the heels of this technology’s initial origins. The integrations

How To Make A Slideshow With Music?


Do you know that you could easily add music to your slideshows to take them to the next level? Yes, no matter what software or slideshow program you use, you can easily add music to it.