Many people tend to use simple passwords to remind them more easily, putting themselves in a high condition by increasing the possibility that these are stolen, rely on the App to manage passwords on iPhone and iPad may be the best solution.

These are real password managers, programs in which to store all the credentials and login data of the sites, with the ability to protect everything with just a master password.

Passwords are saved encrypted on a secure server, becoming accessible from any device used as PCs and mobile devices.

Below we offer you what we think are the best apps to manage passwords on iPhone and iPad.


Dashlane is an app to manage passwords on iPhone and iPad and keep them safe from theft, it is a pass manager and full digital wallet, with many useful features.

You can store and organize passwords on a single screen, generate secure pass for your accounts, store important information and security codes, and access sites and apps in seconds.

Passwords are protected with AES-256 encryption, you can choose the preferred storage method, local or synchronized with backup in the cloud, in addition, notifications are active in case a site has been compromised and you have to change password.


LastPass is an excellent password manager that saves and allows you to access it from any device safely, with this application you have to remember only a general password, it will then be the same app to fill out the forms and synchronize the password wherever you are.

With LastPass you can automatically save and fill in the username and password fields, use credit cards in total security, create quick notes in which to store subscription data, cards and other sensitive data, enable multifactorial authentication and the PIN to block your account and much more.


1Password is a good app to manage passwords on iPhone and iPad, allows you to create unique passages that are difficult to decrypt for each site and also uses them automatically when required to fill in the necessary fields.

You can organize and manage a good number of passwords and login credentials, it is an effective and inviolable service, with many useful features, including the synchronization of information on PC and Mac.

Initially you can try the application for a month, then you will have the limit of 20 records, unlockable by purchasing the full license.


Enpass eliminates the problem of having to remember all the important passwords and credentials, allowing them to be combined under one main pass, with access from any device.

The application helps to create secure and different passwords for each site, stores everything thanks to predefined templates to store any information, offers secure sharing, backup and restore via Wifi and much more.

The desktop version of the app is free for Mac, there are no registrations to be made or subscriptions to be made, it is available for the major desktop and smartphone platforms and there is an extension for Touch ID and Safari.

MyVault Password Manager

MyVault Password Manager offers the possibility to manage several accounts in a safe and secure way, it offers a quick access to all important information, even offline; the data is saved locally on the device.

The management of accounts and passwords is very simple and intuitive, in addition, you can add custom filters to access the credentials you need in seconds.

You do not need an account to use the app, there is a backup and restore from Google Drive and Dropbox and more than 50 predefined accounts, you can generate secure passwords, moreover the data inside the app are encrypted with the possibility of entering a security code.


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