If you want to hide your personal files from others, then we are going to tell you the way. Without any apps or software you can make your personal files password-protected.

Using Microsoft Office softwares

You save all kinds of information in files of Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. It may be that some of these files contain such information that may be a victim of misuse if the wrong person get it. For example, many people save their information of bank, credit card, website, smartphone, computer etc. in a file.

Although this should not be done, ask those who have twenty-two passwords but its hard for them to remember passwords. Some software also comes in to manage passwords, but confidential information is not limited to password only! Details of company income, income tax data, debt related information, source of income, loyalty accounts, confidential diary, and not what things are like, Whom you want to hide from others. But they are saved somewhere in the form of some documents. In such a way, make a habit of locking the password on your sensitive or confidential files.

You might think that this is a very complex task, but in reality, it does not even take 30 seconds and your content becomes secure forever. After saving the Microsoft Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint file, click on the File menu. You will see three options in the info section on the right side, the first option is – Protect Document. Click on it. A box will open, which will show four options – Mark Edge Final, Encrypt With Password, Restricted Editing and add A Signature.

Click on the encryption with password, which is the second option. Now a box will open, which will ask you to enter the password. Once you enter the password, you will be asked to re-enter the same password again. Do this and press okay button. Your file password has been saved. This method is for newer versions of the office. If you have an old office version, click on Save Now to save the file. Now in the dialog box that opens, click on the option named “Tools” below. Click on the ‘Password to Modify’ box in a section called File Sharing. Now save your password and save it. Now whenever it will be opened, the first password will be asked. The file will open only after entering the password in the respective box.


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