Nowadays many of our daily files are present only on mobile devices, and that is why it may become necessary to know how to print from iPhone and iPad.

Printing procedures are now simple even if only one mobile phone or tablet is available.

Let’s see, therefore, how to perform this operation in different situations and with different devices.

How to print from iPhone and iPad to an AirPrint printer

AirPrint technology allows Apple devices to print using just the Wi-Fi connection.

In the event that there is an AirPrint device available the ability to print from iPhone and iPad will be shown as an option when you had to choose to share a particular file.

Here is the procedure to print from iPhone and iPad using this type of technology:

  • Open the Mail app and choose the message you want to print;
  • In case you want to print an attachment, then you have to click on it to open it;
  • In the lower part of your e-mail you will see an icon in the shape of a flag and an arrow-shaped icon;
  • Click on the arrow and choose Print;
  • Click on Select Printer;
  • Your phone will start searching for the nearest available AirPrint printer;
  • At this point you can click on the printer that interests you;
  • Click on Print;

You can also print from iPhone and iPad using Safari, to do so you will need:

  • Open Safari and go to the page for which printing will be required;
  • Click on Share;
  • In the third column, you will see a whole series of settings. Scroll through the settings until you get to the printer icon;
  • Click on the icon;
  • At this point, click on Select Printer;
  • Choose the device from which to print;

The advice, in these cases, is to first export the page to be printed in PDF in order to have it in a format that is suitable for printing and that eliminates all unnecessary elements.

How to print from iPhone and iPad without an AirPrint device

Many users would like to print from iPhone and iPad but do not have an AirPrint device available. Even in this case you can print, simply by following another type of procedure.

For example, you can install the app on your computer or Mac that allows you to use your mobile devices to print. The applications of this type are different and you can find the one that will be right for you to print from a computer.


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