Having the ability to store a whole range of information using cloud systems can be very useful, but sometimes it may become necessary to know how to recover deleted data from iCloud.

In fact, it may happen that you delete a file, a link or a contact even from iCloud: you must not despair, because even in all these cases you can remedy your damage.

So let’s see how to go to recover your information from iCloud.

How to recover deleted data from iCloud in practice

First, let’s see how to recover deleted files from iCloud:

  • Start to open the iCloud site from your browser;
  • If necessary, log in;
  • Go to Settings;
  • Click on Restore Files in the advanced settings section;
  • At this point, click to select all the files you want to restore;
  • Or you can also choose the Select All option to restore every file that has been deleted;
  • At the end, click on Restore File;

Being able to recover deleted data from iCloud can be simple with this procedure. You should always remember that you will have thirty days to restore, after which the files will be deleted forever.

How to recover contacts from iCloud

In addition to understanding how to recover deleted data from iCloud you may also be interested in going to restore contacts that you have deleted from iCloud.

In particular, it will not be possible to restore the single contact deleted, but you can use those that are the backups that the same application performs periodically for your contacts.

To accomplish this task you will have to:

  • Open the iCloud site;
  • Login;
  • Go to Settings;
  • Go to the Advanced tab and then to the Restore contacts option;
  • Click on the Restore button which is on the right side of the archive you want to reinsert;
  • Click on Reset to confirm the operation;

How to restore calendars from iCloud

In addition to wanting to recover deleted data from iCloud it might be useful to know how to restore the calendars and appointments that you previously saved on iCloud.

To do this you will need:

  • Enter the iCloud site and log in;
  • Go to Settings;
  • Choose the Advanced section and then the Restore Calendars and Reminders option;

Just choose the restore option in the right part of the archive that you want to have again available and, at the end, click on Restore to confirm the operation.

In this way you can not only recover data deleted from iCloud but always keep under control the archives of each type in your account.


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