When you want to make room in your phone it may be interesting, and even necessary, to remove the hidden iPhone files. These are found in the so-called category of “other” files and are collected in a special folder.

To identify them may not be easy, and that is why we will guide you step by step in this venture.

How to check the remaining space on your iPhone

First of all, to understand if you need to remove the hidden iPhone files you will have to check the remaining space of your phone.

To do this you will need:

  • Open the Settings;
  • Go to the General tab;
  • Click on the memory and space tab;

Here you can see, then, how much space will be occupied by each application, and even if there are files that take more space than necessary.

In addition, there will also be the folder of the Other files, which can occupy more or less space and which you can later empty.

How to remove hidden iPhone files from browsing ones

A large part of the hidden files of the iPhone is the Safari cache and also the list of all those items that you have accumulated in your offline reading list.

To access these files you will have to:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Open the General tab;
  • Choose the card related to the storage space of your phone;
  • Move down and click on Safari;
  • Click on Internet site data;
  • Move down and click on Remove all website data;
  • Move to the left to see the list of pages to read offline;
  • Click on cancel;

In this way you will have freed up space by deleting files that, very often, are useless and remain in memory for months.

How to remove iPhone hidden files by deleting files related to email

Another category that binds to hidden iPhone files is those related to email.

In particular, many of the multimedia files that you will also have simply opened in the Mail app will have been downloaded to your device.

To remove these files, simply log out of your Mail app and then log in again with your simple login information. In this way you will have cleaned up a whole series of useless files.

Likewise, many useless files may have been downloaded from your chats and from the text message app.

Set up your application so as not to automatically download multimedia files, which can include photos, but also movies and audio, as well as for WhatsApp. In fact, the default setting of these applications always provides for the automatic download of attached files and all those that have been sent by other contacts.


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