In this guide on DIY photo editing without professional tools, but with great results, let’s see how to remove an object from a photo.

In the case in which, you take a picture and you find yourself with an unknown person in the background, with an unknown person who greets, with a stake, with a garbage can in the background or any other object or person (maybe in a photo of group) that you do not want to see in the picture, you can delete it by removing it from the middle, without ruining the quality of the image. So if you want to try to remove an unwanted element in the photo, you can operate on the image with some simple and free tools, and without using programs like Photoshop. To delete an object from a photo we can then use:

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1) Inpaint

The Inpaint program works very well and you can try but, after a month of use, requires payment of the license.

The same thing that Inpaint does, you can do, for free, on the online version of this program, without downloading anything and without installation.

To use WebInPaint, you do not need any registration and you can immediately upload a photo by clicking on Load Image in the upper left.

When the image appears, if you press on it with the mouse, you will notice that you delete pieces of photos.

On the top bar you can decide the size of the marker so you can be more precise when you go to select the part of photos to be deleted.

To make an object disappear from the picture, you must then hold down the left mouse button and select the item you want to make disappear.

When the part of the photo to be removed has been completely covered, you can click on the Inpaint button at the top to start the image editing process.

At the end, the highlighted object will disappear from the photograph.

If there is something left, just highlight the residue and press again on Inpaint to completely remove all traces.

At the end you can download and save the edited photo on your computer.

The final result is acceptable even if the marked part, where before there was an object, remains a little fuzzy.

2) Lunapic

Lunapic is a site that allows you to easily remove objects from photos online in a couple of steps.

All you have to do is upload the photo, select the object or people you want to remove and process the photo automatically.

The procedure for removing unwanted objects from the photo can be done using the LunaPic Crop tool.

Depending on the shape of the object, you can use one of the following selection options: rectangle, circle, polygon/free shape or magic wand (Magic Wand)

The magic wand can be used to select objects with complex shapes.

At the end, use the Remove & Inpaint option to shuffle the selected area with its contours and hide it from the photo.

The end result is really good and satisfying in most cases, if you remove small objects on the photos.

3) Rsizr

If you do not like it, you can try another web application called Rsizr.

This tool, always online, free and without registration, allows you to upload a photo and apply changes of various kinds.

Its operation is different because it is a program to resize images in an intelligent way.

In practice, some parts leave them untouched and unchanged while others can be shrunk or eliminated.

After opening a photo, you can click on the Preserve buttons to color the part of the photo you want to leave intact and Remove to select, in red, the objects you want to delete.

Here, too, you can choose the size of the selection marker so that you can do a more precise job.

In the end, after clicking on Done, you still have to work with the Reselecting and Resize functions to adjust the image and cut the photo without the selected part being touched in any way.

To download the photo, click on the Save button.

The tool is very precise and perhaps better than Webinpaint.

4) Seam Carving GUI

Seam Carving GUI is another excellent open source program to delete objects from a photo with the technique of resizing.

To remove an item from a photo, press “Mark area for removal” on the right menu and then mark the part to be deleted with the brush.

The image is changed and resized by deleting the section where that removed item appeared.

5) PhotoWipe

free program that allows you to editing photos by deleting some objects in it is PhotoWipe.

This software is as easy as previous web applications and provides a marker to remove parts of the photo that you want to delete, without damaging the background.

Everything is automatic and the final result can be acceptable or not depending on the type of object removed and the colors.


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