How to respond to Whatsapp messages without entering and appearing online? The guide for iPhone and Android smartphone.

Whatsapp allows you to respond quickly without having to enter the chat and without appearing online on both iPhone and Android . It is one of the new features of the popular messaging app that responds to one of the needs most perceived by users, precisely torespond in offline mode and without access to Whatsapp.

How many times have we postponed the answer to a Whatsapp message inorder not to log in and not show some contact to be online? Perhaps not everyone knows that there is a way to replicate to Whatsapp notifications without entering, in invisible mode.

This option, aimed at defending privacy and avoiding being spied on Whatsapp , is available on iPhone with the update to iOS 9.1 and later, but also on Android. In addition to the ability to respond to Whatsapp messages without appearing online and without showing to others the words “It is writing …” , Whatsapp has also introduced a message storagefunction that allows you to store individual messages, photos and multimedia files shared in chat without having to put in archive complete conversations.

For some time iPhone and Android users can resort to the trick to remove the visit on Whatsapp by hiding access time, double blue check and date of last viewing, but when you are online the app shows it to all contacts.

Now, thanks to the update of the Whatsapp notification system, the best trick to reply to messages and be offline is to replicate from alerts . In this case, however, the drawback is that you have to read the discussion live and it is impossible to open photos and listen to the audio notes. That said, responding to Whatsapp messages without entering the app and coming online can be very useful: this explains how to interact with your contacts quickly and in “invisible” mode.

Whatsapp: respond without entering with iPhone

To send and reply to Whatsapp messages without appearing online with iPhone, just use the iOS notification rapid response system. With this method it is easy to respond furtively and to be invisible to other contacts.

Just have an updated version of Whatsapp (the latest is 2.16.6) and have upgraded to the next iOS 9.1, essential requirements to respond to messages from notifications without entering the app and be seen by the other party.

These are the steps to follow :

  • Wait for a Whatsapp message to be received
  • Find the message received from the iPhone notification center or lock screen
  • Swipe your finger from right to left on the message
  • Press “Reply” which appears on the display
  • At this point the keyboard opens and the quick answer appears
  • Write the reply message and press the “Send” button

To be able to respond to Whatsapp without entering and appearing online, you need to have the screen of the iPhone unlocked . With the screen lock, in fact, you can not respond to notifications and be invisible on Whatsapp.

We also specify that you have to activate the option to preview text in notifications on the screen. as regards the double blue check, instead, Whatsapp automatically updates the reading confirmation once the message has been sent by the notification, provided they have not been removed.

Whatsapp: respond without entering with Android

A trick to read messages without signing in on Android smartphones is to add the Whatsapp widget to the home or lockscreen so you can preview all the Whatsapp messages received and not yet read. Thanks to the widget we can scroll through unread messages and select the one to which we want to respond, thus being addressed directly to that particular conversation.

To answer on Whatsapp without entering and appear online who has an Android smartphone will have to stay in chat using offline mode , write and send the message, exit the app and then re-enable the internet connection.


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