Need to crop or resize photos and images but you do not know how to do? You’re in the right place! Whether you have a Windows PC, a Mac or just a smartphone, here’s how to resize and crop photos and images

There are many reasons that could have led you to look for this guide. You may have to crop or resize an image for your thesis, or having to use precise dimensions for the photos to upload to your favorite blog, website or social network, you may even want to cut your ex girlfriend away from the photo you like much. Regardless of the motivation that brought you here you will find what you were looking for, whatever the operating system and the tool you use.

How to resize and crop photos and images | Guide

In this guide, I will propose a series of solutions to resize and crop images that are easy to implement. In fact, all the methods that I will show you do not use complex or paid programs, but take advantage of the pre-installed solutions on Windows and OS X, free apps available on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store, or even online solutions.

Of course the following is a basic guide that simply teach you how to cut and resize an image, without going to modify other aspects. So do not expect to find the secrets of photo editing in the following lines because it is not really the purpose of this article.

In general, when you have to resize a photo, the steps to be performed are 2: first the image is scaled proportionally and then eventually cropped. Initially, the image is proportionally scaled, that is, its pixel dimensions are decreased while maintaining the starting ratio between width and length, in this way no part of the photo is lost. The second cropping or cropping passage is indispensable when the shape ratio we wish to obtain does not correspond to the original one. In this case you will lose some parts of the original, but it is a necessary evil to avoid having to deform our picture.

Let’s start now to see the individual cases.

How to resize and crop photos and images on your Mac

Let’s start from the Apple operating system. Resizing or cropping a photo on the Mac is really simple and intuitive and to do this the tools pre-installed in OS X are enough. In particular, the program we will use is Preview. This is the default viewer of photos and images on Mac and serves our purpose perfectly.

To resize an image using OS X just open it with Preview, select “Tools” from the top bar and then “Adjust Size“. At this point we can enter the width or height that we want and, leaving the “Proportional Resize” item checked, the other dimension will be automatically adapted. You just have to click on “Ok” to apply the changes.

If you see that by entering the width you want the height becomes smaller than when you want to do the opposite, that is, enter your height and make sure that the width is greater than that which must have the final photo. This is because in phase 2 of crop you can cut the parts in more but not create new pixels.

After this first step you will have an image proportionally resized, with one of the 2 sides of the correct size and the other larger. But do not worry because Phase 2 is even simpler than the first. Simply drag the mouse to create a rectangular selection, you’ll see the pixel dimensions appear in the lower right corner of your selection. Then create a selection of the desired size, obviously on one side you will have to take the whole image. At this point I suggest you copy your selection with cmd + C, click on “file” and then “New from the clipboard“. In this way the selection with the perfect dimensions will be automatically pasted into a new file. Save the file and you’ll be done!

How to resize and crop photos and images on Windows

On Windows comes back to good old paint, the procedure to follow is very similar to that of Mac. Open your photo, click on “Resize“, “Pixel” and insert one of the 2 dimensions leaving the check mark on “Keep proportions” (remember that the other side must be bigger than you want, otherwise you have to insert the other dimension). Click on “OK” to confirm the resize.

Now use the “Select” command to create a selection of the exact dimensions you want and copy it with Ctrl + C. Through “File” and then “New” creates a new document. A white file will appear that will have the size of the resized photo: a precise side and a larger one of the desired. Now you have to adapt the white space to the dimensions of the selection copied before, to do so just drag the excess side until you have the size you want. Now you just have to copy the photo with Crtl + V and save it. A breeze!

How to resize and crop photos and images on smartphones

As for the editing of photos on smartphone I recommend using the free Adobe Photoshop Express. The app allows you to apply a series of filters to your photos and images but also allows you to easily resize them. Let’s see how.

Once you open the app and select the photo you want to edit there will be a series of tools at the bottom of the screen. Select the second icon from the left, a sort of square, and then click on “Free Size“. The app will propose you a series of standard dimensions for the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. In addition to this you will also be offered a number of common form factors such as 1: 1, 16: 9, 4: 3. Obviously if these presets meet your needs, use them as well and I’ll be fine. If, however, as we have described in previous cases, you need special dimensions, follow the procedure below.

Scroll through the carousel until you reach the last icon, “Custom“, and click it. A screen will open where you can set height and width in pixels. The central icon, similar to an attach, binds the 2 dimensions in such a way that by setting the other one is changed proportionally, if you want to disable this option, my advice, as in previous cases, is to proportionally resize the photo proportionally and then crop it. Then enter one of the 2 dimensions of the photo, the one that makes the other side bigger than the size you need, and click on “Apply“. Now click on “Custom” twice, turn off the proportional change, enter both the dimensions you want and click on “Apply“. At this point center the frame generated for cropping as you prefer and click on the arrow at the top left of the screen, save the photo and you have concluded.

How to resize and crop photos and images online

Finally I want to suggest a convenient online site that allows you to resize, cut and want to apply other small changes to your photos.

Once again we will follow the 2-step process: first resize without loss of parts of the image and then crop. First of all you need to upload your photo via the “Upload an image” button. Now go to section 4 “Resize your image” and keeping the flag on “Keep Aspect Ratio” enter the desired size for one of the 2 sides and the other will be adapted (remember the speech done previously on the sides). Now click on “Resize image” at the bottom of the page on the left. Download the image obtained through “Download Image, which will appear, and you will finish with phase 1.

To make the crop reload the image just generated. Go to section 2 “Crop your image” and in the spaces marked “W” and “H” enter the desired width and height respectively. Click on “Crop” in section 2 and then on “Resize image” at the bottom of the page. You just have to download the photo again that now will have the size you wanted.

I hope this article has been helpful and has made life easier for you. Now it flies to get rid of that harpy of your ex from the profile picture and if you have any questions just mention them in the comments.


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