In case you usually send and receive many messages on your device, Apple may be interested in knowing how to save images from messages on iPhone easily. In fact, often the images inside the Messages app are saved automatically in the iCloud library, or inside the device, but in all other cases the procedure for saving may not be exactly intuitive.

So let’s see step by step how to get to make this rescue in a simple way.

How to save a single image

To save images from messages on the iPhone there are more or less quick procedures also depending on the amount of multimedia material that must be protected from deletion.

To save a single image you will have to start by opening your Messages application, then go to the conversation where the photo or video you want to save is present.

At this point, after opening the conversation, move down until you find the image you want to save. Click, and hold, with your finger on the image until a new small menu appears.

Inside the menu there will be three options, choose the Save button to start the procedure. You can choose where to save the image and you can easily find it in your personal collection of photos.

Save images from messages on iPhone

In case you want to save images from iPhone messages in multiple ways, the procedure that you can follow will be slightly different from the previous one.

You will, of course, always start by opening the conversation that will contain the images or videos that you will be interested in. At this point, to save all the multimedia material of your interest, you must click on the icon at the top right of the conversation screen, the one that looks like an i surrounded by a circle.

You can thus open the information relating to the contact sent by the multimedia material and you can also see all the images that you can save gathered together. Click, and keep pressed, on one of the images on this screen and then click on the word Other in the menu.

Now you can select images simply by clicking on it. After selecting the multimedia elements you can choose the Save option to save them all in the phone or iCloud.


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